How to organize a trip abroad without parents?

By law, any child can travel without parents, including abroad. But for this you need to figure out how to properly organize such a trip.

Check out the child: possible situations

Departure of an under-aged child abroad without his parents may be required in several cases. For example, he can go to the country for training, for competitions (if doing sports or art), for recreation or traveling as part of a tourist group.

If the child is traveling with accompanying

A child abroad can go without parents, but with other attendants, whose functions can be performed by the coach, the head of the tourist group, the teacher, as well as almost any relatives.

How to arrange a trip of a minor child with accompanying persons? For this you need to prepare:

  • A personal foreign passport of a child of a new or old type.
  • A notarized copy of the birth certificate (there should be a mark confirming citizenship).
  • Notarized consent from the parent to the name of the maintainer.

Trip without accompanying

The law allows the child to leave even without an escort, and for this he must have the parent's consent for the trip, a copy of the birth certificate, and a passport. The copy and consent are confirmed and notarized.

Special attention deserves the path itself, that is, the flight, a trip in a bus or in a train. In transport, a child may be without his parents under certain conditions. So, if he is less than two years old, then he must be accompanied by an adult passenger. Children older than two and under twelve years old stay in the cabin with an accompanying or under the supervision of the carrier (if this is allowed by the established rules of transportation carried out by a particular company). But in the latter case, the legal representative must write a statement requesting transportation.

We make out the international passport

To enter any country, you need an international passport, which is the main document certifying the identity of a citizen.And even a minor child should receive it, and from birth. For registration of passport you need to go to the Federal Migration Service (FMS) with pre-assembled and prepared documents.

For registration of a foreign passport of a citizen who is under fourteen years old, you will need to fill out and hand over a questionnaire, as well as provide a receipt confirming payment of the state duty, a birth certificate with a nationality certificate and a passport of the parent who applied to the FMS.

At the moment there is a possibility of registration of the passport of the old and new samples. An old-style document is issued for five years, is prepared in a few days, and for registration, the presence of the recipient itself is not required.

The new biometric passport contains a microchip with detailed information about the holder encrypted in it, has much more pages and is valid for ten years. But it will cost a bit more, it will take longer to wait, and a child should be present at check-in. Moreover, the document will have his digital photo, which is taken immediately in the FMS (even newborns are photographed).

A teenager who plans to travel should get a biometric passport, and an old sample is more suitable for a kid because a photo made at an early age may lose relevance after a few years, leading to problems and difficulties.

Tip: you can go to the portal of public services and apply for a foreign passport through the Internet.

How to make consent to leave?

Consent to leave the child can be issued only by one parent, but if the other has no objection to this trip and has not filed a statement of his disagreement.

The consent extends to a specific trip, and planned for a certain period. It must contain the exact name of the country (in accordance with the rules and the current All-Russian Classifier of Countries), as well as the date of departure and the period of stay in the state. Invalid names and inaccurate or vague wording, such as “any countries”, are considered invalid. And an excessively long trip can create many problems both at the entrance and at the exit.

In some cases, obtaining consent from the second parent becomes impossible, for example, if he has died, is deprived of parental rights, is in places of detention,or its location is simply unknown and unknown. In these cases, the following documents can become legal grounds for traveling abroad for a minor citizen:

  • a copy of the court decision on the deprivation of the rights of the legal parent;
  • notarized copy of death certificate;
  • a certificate received from the police and confirming the impossibility to establish the location or residence of the person;
  • certificate from the guardianship authority that the parent is lonely with respect to a particular child traveling abroad.


Finally, some tips to help you organize the right trip abroad for your minor child:

  1. Before traveling, be sure to study the laws of the country to which the child goes, especially the rules of entry and stay in it. For example, in some states (these include members of the Schengen Agreement, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America), children are admitted only with the consent of two parents at once.
  2. It is worth remembering not only about the documentary accompaniment, but also about the safety of the child on the road.In detail, study with him rules of conduct in transport: explain how to behave in unforeseen situations, how to communicate with strangers, how to respond to certain stimuli, and so on. In addition, tell us how to properly store all documents and cash.
  3. Make sure that the trip was as comfortable as possible for your child. Prepare and put in the suitcase everything you need, inform the child about possible difficulties, and also take care of constant communication with him.
  4. In some countries, translation of all documents may be required, and must be done by an experienced specialist.

Let the child’s trip abroad be safe and be remembered with pleasant impressions!

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