How to play Bohnanza in 5 Minutes

How to Play Bohnanza

Bohnanza is a German-style card game of trading and politics, designed by Uwe Rosenberg and released in 1997 by Amigo Spiele in German and by Rio Grande Games in English. It is played with a deck of cards with comical illustrations of eight different types of beans (of varying scarcities), which the players are trying to plant and sell in order to raise money. The principal restriction is that players may only be farming two or three types of bean at once, but they obtain beans of all different types randomly from the deck, and so must engage in trading with the other players to be successful. The original game is for three to six players and takes about one hour to play, but the Rio Grande edition adds alternative rules to allow games for two or seven players.


  1. Each player is dealt a hand of cards to start (the exact hand size varies with expansion set and number of players; in the base version it is five cards).Cards in hand must be kept in the order in which they are dealt at all times.
  2. Players take turns in order.Each player starts with two invisible fields in which to plant beans. A third field may be bought by any player at any point during the game for three coins. No player may have more than three fields. Each field may contain any number of bean cards, of any one bean type. If a bean of a type different from those already growing in a field is planted into that field, the beans previously in it get harvested for coins. A field containing just one bean may not be harvested by a player who also owns a field containing more than one bean.
  3. Each player also has a trading area.Cards in the hand are kept hidden. Cards in the trading areas and fields are visible to all players. The number of cards in each treasury is secret, although its presence need not be. The discard pile is face up, but only the top card is visible (the rest being underneath it) and players may not examine the pile.
  4. When the deck runs out, the discard pile is reshuffled into it; this happens twice.The game-play ends instantly the third time the deck runs out.
  5. During their turn, each player does the following:
    • 1. They must play the first card in their hand (the one at the front; i.e., the one dealt to them earliest) into a field. This may result in them having to harvest beans!
    • 2. They may play the next card in their hand into a field.
    • 3. They must take the top two cards from the deck and place them face up into their trading area.
    • 4. Trading opens. Players may make offers and trade cards from (and only from) their hands (but they may offer/trade any card(s) in their hands in any order) and the cards in the active player's trading area. Traded cards go into the recipient's trading area. Trade may only occur with the player whose turn it is. No cards may ever be traded from fields. No cards can ever get placed into a player's hand by trading. No cards that have been traded once may be traded again - once a bean has been traded it must be planted in the field of the person it has been traded with.
    • 5. Trading ends whenever the player whose turn it is decides it should. At end of trading, each player must plant all cards in their trading area into their fields. This may involve harvesting beans, possibly several times; take note of the order in which beans are planted into fields if there are more types of beans being planted than fields they are being planted into.
    • 6. The player ends their turn by drawing cards from the deck, one by one, and placing them at the back of their hand (so they get played last). Again, the exact number of cards drawn here varies. If players started with a hand of five, three cards are drawn in this stage.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Can I plant more beans than the maximum?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Yes, you can. There is no physical limit to the amount of beans you can grow, however in terms of magic beans, you can only grow 5. This strategy will net you a nice 5 golden eggs which can be cashed in for an easy victory.
  • Question
    What and when do I discard?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Discard absolutely everything all the time. The cards are a hindrance to your goals. Think of it like Uno, the less cards you have the better.
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