How do you like his mom?

Humble yourself with the fact that you will never truly be received in your family

With this realistic idea it is best to approach the process of building relationships with his mother. Analyze that you have a family that has already formed and has found a common language with each other, in which the mother is the boss in the leather chair or at least the respected “chief accountant” of the outbreak. The more conservative the foundations of such a family and its culture, the more you will feel their closeness. For them, you will always be a man “from the side,” and this fact is better to accept without fear.

Learn about her outside her mom status.

Does he work in the secret service at any ministry? Cooking the best puff buns in the whole area? In the last year of the institute came up with a medicine that saved the whole world? Love to pick mushrooms and spin cans? Immediately find in her her personal reason for pride or her infectious hobby, get into the essence of the question (at least with the help of Google) and reward her with compliments on this topic, and even better, if possible, share your experience if you have it. honest there.For example, tell us how you went camping in Karelia for mushrooms or passionately fond of chemistry at school. Do not hesitate to ask about her life before the birth of children and marriage in the hope that once (yes, it happens!) You can become friends.
How do you like his mom?

Show that you have a good influence on him.

Just do not turn it into the show “My 5 Minutes of Glory,” telling your mother how lucky her son is to meet you. She will make the decision about whether she was lucky or unlucky, but you can be smarter for your part. Remember, before meeting with you, what were his bad habits or "bounces", and answer the question of how your affairs are, listing your joint positive deeds (sex does not count, unless your mother is an outspoken liberal): went to gym, finally sold the car that no one used, together prepared. If a man is sitting next to him and smiling smiles, then the task is done, because mom just wants to see him happy.

Interview your man

What did your mother tell him about you after your first meeting? Did she praise your pink hair or was she charmed by the fact that you, like her, are a fan of Brodsky? What mom thinks you are moving soon, going on vacation, buying a car, planning a child, etc.P.? Which gift did mom like the most? Why did she refuse to come to you for dinner that time? It is not excluded that with her son, mom leads a much more sincere discussion and gives honest comments without any flattery, which will allow you to better know what she really thinks about you.

Use the support of other family members

Say, dads sometimes even go to contact faster when they realize that you are a “normal girl,” you don’t use drugs, don’t hunt for money and are generally very pleasant to talk to. If possible, use the help of other members of the family to win his mother - they probably know better than her son even what she wants to get as a gift, what annoys her terribly in her son, and also (important!) Why she “ sawed "his previous passion.

How do you like his mom?

Determine her distinctive mother type.

Everyone loves in different ways, and that is why, at times, it seems to us that someone’s love is a kind of “fake”, but the whole point is that it is just completely different from our own way of loving and caring. Look at your mother and reveal her type: for example,she rather expresses concern in purchases to her son or in words, her help is usually expressed sentimentally or in active actions? Show her by chance that you use the same language of love in relation to her son, and she will be pleased with you on a subconscious level.

Do not claim ownership of her son.

Have your opinion on the topic of your life together and do not be afraid to express it, but do not try to “absorb” the partner, subordinating him to your interests. Moms are internally afraid of “okrutil-cheated” stories and know their son's weak points, certainly better than you, so don’t become the owner of a relationship, but show her by example that you want to build a partnership compromise union where people respect each other.

Start contacting your mom without your man

For this, for example, social networks will be suitable, through which you can communicate in an unobtrusive mode, invite her somewhere on your behalf, share information or even ask for advice. The latter, by the way, will demonstrate that you are an open person who is still “learning” to build relationships, that your mother will accept with understanding and will not hesitate with a list of recommendations.

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