How to preserve peas?

An inconspicuous and simple vegetable - peas, in fact, very useful and tasty. Thrifty mistresses gladly preserve it, because it's quite simple and fast. In addition, such a preparation allows you to save all the useful properties of beans. Want to know how to do it yourself? Read on.

Mistress blanks

Canned peas are a versatile product. It can be served as a side dish to hot dishes, add to salads, snacks and soups. The benefits of this legume was known in ancient times. In Tibet, it was an obligatory ingredient of dishes that were included in the menu of seriously ill people. Why?

First, because the nutrients in its composition, contributed to the renewal of blood. And secondly, it is a valuable source of easily digestible protein, which may well become a vegetable substitute for meat if you are a vegetarian or decide to stick to a diet.

But the season of peas is not long, therefore it is necessary to have time to make household supplies.And we will be happy to share with you recommendations and recipes.

First of all, you should know that not all types are suitable for canning. Ideal for this are brain varieties. Choose a fresh vegetable, with evenly green pods and milk (young) peas. Overhangs are absolutely not suitable, as they contain a large amount of starch. And he, in turn, degrades the taste and is the cause of the appearance of muddy sediment.

Without sterilization

Quick and easy. It tastes as fresh as if it had been picked from the garden. Will be needed:

  • peas;
  • water - 1 l;
  • salt - 4 tbsp .;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp .;
  • vinegar - ½ tbsp.

Pods open, get the contents, thoroughly rinse. For pouring, boil the water, dissolve salt and sugar in it, pour out the peas, so that the water completely covers them.

Boil for 15-20 minutes, at the end of cooking, pour vinegar. Spread in jars, pour marinade into them and roll up.


Bean will give a more piquant taste to a simple marinade. To prepare it you need:

  • water - 1 l;
  • salt - 1 tbsp;
  • vinegar 100 ml.

The washed peas for a few minutes to throw in boiling water, after getting it, let it drain.Spread out the jars, add the fill, prepared by mixing all the ingredients, and send sterilized for half an hour. Then roll up. For those who like spices, you can add a few peas of fragrant pepper to the filling.

Preservation in two steps

This recipe is good for those who want to be sure that the blanks can easily stand throughout the winter, and the inside will not be half-baked. True, and time for this will need to spend twice as much.

You will need:

  • fresh peas;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp .;
  • salt - ½ tsp;
  • water - 1 l.

Boil the marinade, put the beans into it. Let boil for 3 minutes and put into sterilized jars. Leave in a water bath for 30 minutes and let cool.

The next day, repeat the procedure and roll up. It is better to fill the tanks not completely, leaving a few centimeters to the edge of the can.

Marinated pods

They can be served as a side dish to meat dishes. It looks original. Will be needed:

  • young pods;
  • carnation - 2 pcs .;
  • allspice - 2 pcs .;
  • citric acid - ¼ tsp;
  • sugar - 35 g;
  • vinegar - 30 ml.

Pods first soak for several hours in water, and then cook for 2 minutes in boiling water with the addition of citric acid.

Put the pods, cloves and pepper in a jar, pour marinade. Sterilize 15 minutes.

Harvesting peas at home is not at all difficult. The main thing is to add a pinch of patience and love.

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