How to preserve the psychological health of the child

Talk with your child on all the topics of concern to him. Ask constantly about all the phenomena that occur in kindergarten, at school. Keep track of his activity and emotional state, in any case do not allow overwork. Do not be indifferent to the problems of the child. Learn as much as you can about the child's identity from school psychologists who regularly monitor the development of children.
Do not put in front of the child conditions that are impossible to fulfill. Do not force to learn best, not every child has the ability to excellent perception in all subjects. Participation in the conduct of holidays, competitions should be voluntary, at the request of the child.
Looking through school notebooks and diary, do not speak harshly, criticize, but in moderation. It is better to ask for help from tutors and school teachers. The child should trust you, and not be afraid to talk about their slightest failures in relations with peers and teachers.Actively participate in resolving any conflicts so that your child does not feel lonely in this vast world.
Control the employment of the child after school. Visiting a large number of circles and sections does not always have a positive effect on the psychological state of the child.
Watch what brings joy to the child, and what causes negative emotions. Build a good family relationship, do not allow quarrels and scandals in front of the child. Be friendly. Manage your emotions, keep balance, because

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