How to reduce write speed

You will need
  • - program for recording discs.
Download a program to burn discs to your computer. You can use Nero - this is quite convenient in cases when you need not only a program for recording files, but also additional functionality for working with multimedia files and disk image files. The disadvantage of this program is its price. Here you can either pay for its purchase, or use free alternative utilities, for example, CD Burner XP.
Download it on the official website of the developer, install it on your computer, and then go on to the disc burning process. Further, the sequence for any software of similar functionality will be almost the same.
Create a project to write files to disk. Also consider its volume - the size of the recorded files should not exceed it. After the recording project is created, go to the recording settings.They open after the completion of adding files with a separate menu button.
Specify the desired disk speed level. If you have a fairly old drive model or you need to write files with maximum quality and minimal data loss, use a low write speed, but be prepared for the fact that the process will take you much more time than you expected.
If necessary, specify that the computer is turned off after the recording is finished, but the best thing to do is to check the box to automatically check the recorded files to make sure that the copy has been made in the appropriate form.
Start the process of recording files at a given speed. If necessary, apply the setting of this parameter in the default program menu. If you are recording a disc using standard Windows tools, set the speed in the drive parameters.

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