How to register a joint venture

Legal aspects of the registration of joint ventures are governed by relevant regulations, in particular the law “On state registration of legal entities” and the law “On foreign investments”.
According to these regulations, there are clear requirements for the confirmation of foreign investment, depending on the country of residence of the co-founder. For example, representatives of countries participating in an agreement on mutual legal assistance (including Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and a number of other countries) may limit themselves to a notarized copy of financial documentation with a Russian translation (translation of documentation must also be notarized)
Representatives of the countries participating in the Hague Convention apostilize copies of documents with a notarized translation application.Representatives of countries that did not participate in any of the agreements prepare financial documents for the registration of the joint venture by certifying the Russian consular office in the country of residence. The document package must be accompanied by a translation of the documentation into Russian, notarized.
If there are duly prepared documentation from a foreign co-founder, the further procedure for registering a joint venture is identical to the registration of a legal entity of the respective form of ownership.
A key aspect of registration is the drawing up and conclusion of an agreement between the co-founders of an enterprise, indicating the rights and obligations of each of the investors. A distinctive feature here is the mandatory execution of the translation of all documents on the establishment of a joint venture and the accreditation of the translation (such services are provided by specialized translation bureaus licensed for this type of activity).

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