How to remove hair over the lip?

Kristina Mamaeva
Kristina Mamaeva
July 9, 2014
How to remove hair over the lip?

Many representatives of the fair sex are confused by the presence of hairs above the upper lip. And indeed, excess vegetation can decorate few people. But today there are a lot of procedures that allow you to quickly get rid of excess gun on the face. All of them are divided into those that can be done independently at home, and those for which you must visit the cosmetology office.

How to remove hair over the lip at home

You can remove hair over your upper lip in the following ways:

  1. The simplest option that comes to mind is shaving. But is he really that good? The shaved hairs begin to grow much faster, their color becomes darker, and besides the skin above the lip begins to prick. It turns out that, apart from simplicity, this method has no advantages. In addition, each time to shave the hairs need to increasingly.
  2. Wax strips or tweezers. After this procedure, the hair really does not grow for a long time, because most of them are removed from the root. But this way of dealing with extra fluff over the lip is also very painful.Some instead of wax strips use shugaring (sugar hair removal). But since the sugar paste should be applied to the face in a warm condition, you should be extremely careful not to get burned.
  3. You can remove hair over your upper lip using a depilatory cream. It is best to choose the one that is designed for sensitive skin. You must first carry out a sensitivity test, because some depilation creams may leave behind a burn or even small sores on your face. It is easy to perform the procedure itself, besides, after using most of these creams, hair growth slows down a bit.

However, none of the above methods can not help remove the hair above the lip forever. Therefore, to get rid of excess facial hair, you will have to visit a beautician.

Hair removal over the lip in the beauty parlor

If you are determined to get rid of excess facial hair forever, you can use one of three procedures:

  1. Elos. Hair is removed due to the use of two types of special cosmetological radiation.One procedure to completely get rid of hair over the lip will not be enough. You must have at least five sessions.
  2. Photoepilation It acts on the hair bulbs with a powerful flash. Gives you the opportunity to get rid of the antennae in 10 sessions.
  3. Laser hair removal. The full course consists of 15 procedures. However, many girls enough and five. During the procedure, the beam is directed to each hair in turn. As a result of its impact, the follicle collapses and the hair cannot grow.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to remove hair over the upper lip. And each girl in accordance with their capabilities or desires can choose the most suitable option for her.

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