How to remove the soundtrack in the film

First you need to get the right software. You can work with professional programs, as well as with amateur. But you can take something in between. Find a compromise, so to speak.
Best for practicing this kind of program can approach Sony Vegas. According to numerous social surveys, this video editor is recognized as one of the best. And after all, there really is a reason - a simple interface and practically unlimited possibilities.
But let's not sing the praises of this program, but rather get down to work right away. So, run the program. The window is usually expanded to full screen. It is recommended to immediately reduce its size. Then we transfer the film we are interested in to the program window. Then you can return to the former view of the window. Size reduction was done solely for the convenience of moving the file.
When the movie is in the window, you need to move it to the editing line, which will be below.After finishing the storyboarding and processing process, two lines will appear - one video (top), the other audio (bottom). Immediately it should be noted that the operation for the decomposition of personnel takes a lot of time. This mainly depends on the hard disk space occupied by the film (in other words, its “weight”) and on the technical characteristics of the computer.
After this operation is completed, we turn all our attention to the bottom tracker (audio line). In order to achieve the desired effect and remove the soundtrackFrom the transferred movie, you need to completely select this tracker (or select its contents with the Ctrl + A shortcut), and completely delete the contents. Then save the resulting material.

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