How to remove themes from your Nokia phone

If you have a Nokia Series40 phone, use one of the following methods to delete themes. The first is to use the interface of the mobile device. Go to the menu, select "Gallery", open the folder "Topics". Find the one you want to delete and select “Options” -> “Delete”. Note that standard files cannot be deleted. If the themes are located on a flash drive, in the “Gallery” open the “Memory card” item, find the desired theme and delete it.
To remove threads fromphonebased on Series40 in the second way, connect it to the computer. To do this, use a USB cable, one end of which is connected to the system unit and the other to the mobile device. Select the Nokia Mode connection in your phone. Next, open "My Computer", select Nokia Phone Browser (for this you need to have Nokia PC Suite or OVI PC Suite installed). Find the necessary topic and delete it.
If the theme files are on the memory card, when you connectphoneTo the computer, you can select the "Data storage" mode. Nokia PC Suite is not required for its operation, you will be able to work with a memory card as with a regular flash drive.
ATphonex Nokia based on Series60 (smartphones), the removal of themes is done through the “Application manager” item in the menuphone. Open it, select the desired topic and delete it.
In some cases, the "Application Manager" may not work correctly. To delete the themes saved on the memory card, connect the phone to the computer. Turn on Windows to view the contents of hidden folders. To do this, open any directory and in the panel select “Tools” -> “Folder Options” -> “View” -> “Show hidden files”. Next, open a removable disk in “My computer” (this is a flash drive of a connectedphone) and locate the private10207114import folder. Find the theme files and delete them.
To delete topics stored in memoryphone, reset the settings to factory settings. Dial * # 7370 # and, if required, enter the code 12345. Then from the memoryphoneThe topics and all data (including contacts, photos, messages) will be deleted, so before doing this, back them up.

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