How to repaint from black?

If you are a hot brunette, but plan to change your image, do not rush. Repainting from such a dark color is a difficult and usually lengthy process. And yet it is quite possible to change the image if you use proven methods.

What color to repaint?

First, decide what color you want to get in the end. There are several options:

  • Repainting the chocolate - the most common and easily doable option. This color does not require numerous and aggressive procedures, as it is enough to lighten black by 2-3 tones. A yellowish shade, which many fear so much, on chocolate is quite appropriate, so no additional manipulations will be needed to bring it out. In addition, the tone goes to almost everyone, regardless of the type of appearance.
  • Redhead. If black is your natural color, then becoming a red-haired one is a dream that can be fulfilled, as there are reddish notes in the natural pigments, and this is only for you.The color can vary from copper to bright red, and if you want to get an interesting and rich tone, you will have to try and contact a specialist.
  • Graphite is an original color, with which one should be more careful. It resembles wet asphalt or a pencil lead, can be quite light or approaching black. But, firstly, with the wrong shade, there is a risk to add to the real age several years and look old-fashioned. Secondly, getting a really beautiful graphite is not easy.
  • Blonde As a rule, organic-looking light brown is a natural color, and its feature is the almost complete absence of yellow pigments. But dark-haired girls go into such a tone is extremely difficult, and sometimes simply unrealistic. Even if you manage to make your hair brighter, they will look red. You can remove it by toning, but its effect is not kept for long.
  • Blond is a radical change, but courageous representatives of the fair sex are decided on them, although stylists and hairdressers are strongly discouraged to do this, and there are several reasons. The first is a very aggressive effect on curls.They will have to lighten up to 7-9 tones, and this can severely damage the hair structure. The second reason: it is not always possible to achieve the desired tone, often it turns yellow. Platinum or ash - a virtually impossible dream. The third reason: a girl who was a brunette all her life, in the image of a blonde can feel uncomfortable.


So, how can you dye your hair from black to lighter? It should be noted right away that it will not be possible to quickly obtain the desired result, especially if the dark shade is not natural, obtained after dyeing with pigmented black dyes.

Hair in any case will be lightened, and how much - it depends on the desired tone. So, to get chocolate or chestnut, black changes by 1-3 tones, for red - by 3-4, for light brown - by 5-6, and for blond - by 6-9. The following are the main ways of repainting.


Washing or decoupling is a relatively gentle method of bleaching, which makes it possible to slightly open the flakes of hair shafts and partially neutralize pigments due to a not very concentrated oxidizer with a small percentage of acid.But natural pigment substances are not completely removed: the structure becomes more sparse and susceptible to staining, which contributes to the change in tone and its retention.

Washing is preferable for unnatural black color. It is desirable that the procedure was carried out by an experienced master, although kits and tools for home dumping are on sale. Usually a wash consists of several steps:

  1. Washing with a specialized cleansing shampoo that removes dirt and opens up keratin scales.
  2. Drying hair. But they remain slightly wet.
  3. The connection of the reducing agent and the catalyst in the right proportions (spelled out in the instructions).
  4. Application of the composition and curing for the time specified in the instructions.
  5. Washing the head with water.


Output natural black color can only be discoloration. There are many bleaching agents, and professionals usually use powders: they quickly destroy pigments and penetrate into the structure, accelerate the process to 20-30 minutes. But powder is not easy to use: only a specialist will be able to get a uniform and attractive tone.

At home apply cream paint.The action is more gentle, use the funds really at home due to a convenient and uniform distribution. Professional creams lighten curls up to 7-8 tones, but it is recommended to split the process into two stages and lighten hair with gentle formulations with a break of two weeks.

For your information! High ratings have clarifying agents brands “Kapous”, “L’Oreal”, “Schwarzkopf CHI”.

Folk remedies

Dark folk remedies will safely lighten dark hair, but the color will change by no more than 1-2 tones. But the curls will remain healthy and, possibly, will get an interesting shade.


  • Kefir. You can mix it with sea salt and apply on curls for half an hour twice a day to obtain the desired shade.
  • Lemon juice. It is aged on the hair for an hour, is used for rinsing after washing the head. Procedures are carried out daily.
  • Soda. In a glass of warm water, dissolve 10 tablespoons of powder, apply the mixture to your hair, wait an hour and wash your hair.

Coloring and toning

Toning or dyeing is the final stage, that is, first, the hair will have to be discolored in any case, as the paint will not take them or will lie down differently than we would like.

When the base is prepared, proceed to the selection of the coloring agent.The least aggressive shades give tinting tools - shampoos or tonics. But the effect of their application lasts not for long and disappears after 3-5 procedures of washing the head.

The paints are more resistant, but it is advisable to choose sparing and non-ammonia, as your hair must be in not a good condition after the preparation. And one more important point - the right color. It is better to choose a medium for 1-2 tones lighter, since the pigments in the discolored or washed hair penetrate deeper, and the final shade usually turns out to be richer and darker.

The main question is how much time should pass after preparation in the form of washing or bleaching? Curls need to be given time to recover, so that the scales stick together, the structure returns to its normal state. The minimum period before staining is five or seven days.

Get rid of the black color gradually and correctly so that your hair remains attractive and healthy!

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