How to return the mink coat to the store

Buy onefur coatonly inthe store, which provides an opportunity within 2 weeks (at least, according to the current "Law on Consumer Protection") to return the purchase. These coats usually have all the necessary quality certificates and a long warranty.
If it has not been another 2 weeks from the moment of purchase, go to the store, present a receipt and request to exchange the product. On the product should remain labels, seals, labels, confirming that the fur coat was purchased in thisthe storeor salon. It is worth paying attention to the fact that goods purchased at a sale with a discount, is also subject to return and exchange. The exception (not in all salons) is made up of goods discounted due to defects in the product.
If other fur coats that the seller is obliged to provide to you for the exchange, do not suit you in size or style, make a claim with a check attached. The seller can offer you and the restoration of the fur coat in the studio, according to the warranty.If this option also does not suit you, then also file a claim and, together with the check, give it to the seller so that he will return the money to you. Claims preparation samples must be in anythe store. If the seller refuses to return the money, conduct an examination to identify the origin of the defects. Pay attention to the fact that the store can conduct its inspection, but according to the current legislation, you are required to take part in it.
The examination must be carried out at the expense of the seller. Therefore, ifthe storerefuse to pay for it, contact the expert yourself and take the bill from him for the services rendered. If a defect on a fur coat is recognized as a production one (and not incurred as a result of operation), the seller is obliged to reimburse you for the costs of an expert.
If the seller refuses to acknowledge the conclusion of the examination that the defect of the fur coat resulted from a manufacturing defect, contact the court at the place of residence. Make a claim, attach to the application the results of the examination. The court may offer to carry out another control examination, the seller is obliged to reimburse you if you win the case in court.Contact a good lawyer for advice on the case. The cost of consultation in the case of a positive court decision, you also have to reimburse the store.

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