How to search for fellow travelers? Tips that are not only useful when traveling

“How are you not afraid to travel with strangers?” My relatives asked me. Then, as now, I believed and believe: there are more good people. Especially with unfamiliar, we behave better, trying to please. And if there are minuses in the character, they can close their eyes, for all this for a while. Well, about the various speculators (they were, are and will be), we'll talk a little lower.

I went to rest with strangers to fellow travelers for many years, with some we became friends and maintain a relationship to this day.

What for?

Keep in mind, for the sake of a companion, you will have to deny yourself a lot, so honestly answer yourself the question: “Why am I looking for her / him?” The possible benefits are:

  • Saving cash. For example, it is known that renting a double room for two is cheaper than a single. Or, taking a companion in the car, you can save on gasoline.
  • Ally for excursions.There will be someone to discuss what you see, to hear something new, someone will take pictures of you, someone will hold your things while you climb into the tower or a water slide, will consult with you on controversial issues and so Further.
  • With a company safer in an unfamiliar place. For example, one already was there and knows a lot, or one knows English, the second - German, you will not be lost together.
  • Similar hobbies. For example, you both love Asian cuisine.
  • The desire to find friends, like-minded people. There are no extra friends - there are no comments here.

How to search for fellow travelers? Tips that are not only useful when traveling

Where to look?

  • Travel Agencies Some agencies are asked to pay a small% of the voucher for finding a pair.
  • Tourist web portals, mobile applications. The service is free. Fill in all the items and look for similar ads. Some online portals allow you to publish reviews about past trips and photos directly in your profile. This provides an additional opportunity for fellow travelers to learn more about you. And you about them, respectively.
  • Through friends, acquaintances, colleagues. You can notify them personally, write an ad about the search on a personal page on social networks or on a corporate website.
  • On courses, in clubs, in training.

But what about security, swindlers and so on?

Hand on the heart, I will say: I'm not of the brave. And it was the fear of being in an unfamiliar country without the social contacts that had been established in advance, which prompted me to search for fellow passengers. I took the search seriously.

  1. Ads. I published an ad about finding fellow travelers on several Internet portals (who I am, what city, where I plan to go, who I am looking for, what kind of vacation I prefer, what I plan to visit, and so on). I looked at similar ads from the girls, some wrote. After some time, answers began to come. Mostly from men offering "sponsorship." These responses need to be dismissed, even there is no point in responding to them. I only answered the girls, because I am looking for a double tour, which means one double room. I couldn’t agree on dates with two girls, one always disappeared somewhere, but we became friends with Lily right on the Internet. We have already traveled to many countries and are still friends.
  2. The thieves. Whether a person is able to steal, no psychological test will show. But as for communication, this is not exactly understand. I was somehow lucky to have decent people, and in general it seems that if a person is going to rest, he is unlikely to need problems with the law in a foreign country.Nevertheless, travel sites advise not to provoke companions, leaving their money, bank cards and documents unattended.
  3. Scammers. There are many cases where, with the help of casual acquaintances, attackers transport narcotic substances and other prohibited goods to another country. And tips like "Do not take other people's things in your luggage", "Do not allow to buy you luggage bags", "Check your luggage", "Do not change the route of travel, if a fellow traveler insists and is ready to pay for a ticket" is not enough.

I found a wonderful text for one married couple of co-surfers: “Words do not matter. Look deeper: eyes, aura, behavior. Talking is useless. Scammers love to talk and often even know how to do it ... It's very funny when you understand that a person is trying to manipulate you. He becomes a little sorry, because he does not understand what a silly nonsense he is doing. In his eyes it becomes clear that he is hiding something, trying to put pressure on you. You see, there is something intangible in reading a person, such as an aura, an atmosphere around him. This is somehow intuitively happening.You are either calm and comfortable with him, or you feel that he wants to squeeze something useful out of you. Then you just calmly move away to a safe distance. Intuition is very important. ”

How to search for fellow travelers? Tips that are not only useful when traveling

All this is important to feel at the first meeting.

The first meeting

For the first meeting, a cafe is best suited where you can discuss the possibility of a general pastime. Trust the intuition. Usually, she immediately tells you whether it will be good with this person or not. If you thought that you should not get involved with him, it is better to refuse. You owe nothing to anyone.

If the person who came to the meeting is not in the profile picture, refuse him. If the prospective companion asks for money, do not give. And at the second, third meeting, too. In general, “begging” is a bad sign.

How to refuse to not offend?

If you don’t really want to, or don’t want to go at all with this companion, say that you have several options for traveling. The next day, write or call the failed companion, thank you for the meeting and inform that you have decided to go with friends.

If a fellow traveler suits you, what to discuss?

  • Financial questionsmust be discussed necessarily before the trip, even if for someone they may be uncomfortable. For example, who pays for what (I was comfortable with the option “every man for himself”), where we buy products (in the supermarket, on the market), and so on.
  • Dutiesshould also be distributed in advance. For example, you rent a room, apartment, condominium, house or other housing - agree on who will cook, do the cleaning (if required), and so on.

Consider talents. One of my fellow travelers liked to get up at dawn and run to explore in order to explore interesting places. I came and told me where there were some shops, cafes, where it was cheaper to buy mango, and then we went together. And another fellow traveler loved organizational activities: the air conditioning broke down - quickly ran down to the administrator, came with a repairman.

  • Interests.Here we should discuss what is interested in who will rest, what does it expect from the rest? What shall we do if interests do not coincide? For example, one wants to tour, the other - shopping. Everyone does what he wants - we do not take offense and respect the other. If we leave in different directions, in any case we leave the key to the reception or ask for two keys.
  • Routes.Mutually consider the health and physical capabilities of the companion. For example, on an excursion you are ready to climb into each cave, and the traveling companion prefers to walk leisurely along the forest paths. Or do you like clubs, and your friend has problems with her legs and she does not plan to go further than the hotel. Decide what you will do: make concessions or divide without resentment.
  • Bad habits.It is necessary to discuss mutually bad habits and features. Maybe your fellow traveler smokes, snores at night, slowly gathers, carries stones of different rocks in the room. What of this are you willing to endure and what are you willing to do to not really disturb your neighbor?
  • Chronotypes("Owls", "larks"). It is also important to discuss the patterns of daily activity. Someone needs to run to the sea by six in the morning, and someone likes to sleep before lunch. Some like to spend all nights in clubs, while others at ten in the evening go to bed. If your chronotypes do not match, it does not mean that you do not fit each other. You can not only agree on everything, but also get additional bonuses from your tandem. For example, while you sleep and once again wake up a hotel breakfast, your early bird can run down and bring you something tasty.
  • What am I to you for?As we discussed above, everyone is looking for a companion, guided by certain goals. Often people need a companion as a nanny or guide. For example, you have already mastered this area, you know interesting places, people living here, traditions, language, you have interesting reviews. Ask a fellow traveler, but what does he expect from you? If waiting for a nanny or a guide, ask yourself - do you want them to be?

How to search for fellow travelers? Tips that are not only useful when traveling

Somehow, my friend's travel agency organized the first meeting with a prospective fellow traveler - a middle-aged woman. She was stunned with the second phrase: “I don’t like being drunk, smoking, swearing. I must not be thrown, I must take everything with me everywhere. " A friend immediately refused, because she wanted to rest, not to work as an animator.

Well, if you have not found a fellow traveler, but you want to go, and the vacation time is tight, choose a safe country and go alone. In the end, rest alone is no worse than a joint, and sometimes even better when you want to fully relax.

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