How to sew fashion dresses for this summer season - 6 options with photos

Simple knitwear

If you haven’t got a summer dress for every day, then it’s time to sew such a simple model with an original print that doesn’t require a sophisticated pattern and even darts.

Knit fabrics choose thin and elastic, with a high content of cotton. Thus, the dress will let the air through well, and due to the addition of artificial threads it will stretch, but not wrinkle. This model is also suitable for cool time, only choose a thick fabric.

Before opening, pat the cut with a hot iron. Instead of a pattern, take a well-fitting T-shirt with sleeves.

1. Knit it in half, fold it over the lobe, attach the T-shirt and circle it with soap or chalk.

2. Extend the skirt of the dress to the desired height. Adjust the volume of the hips. If they are lush, then make the desired increase.

3. Cut the front and back, not forgetting the seam allowances, somewhere 1-1,5 cm.

4.The front neckline can be made deeper or smaller and of the desired shape.

5. Applying a T-shirt, cut the sleeves.

6. Then cut and stitch the neck opening. To do this, attach the bodice to the front and back, and circle the neck. Width make 5 cm.

7. Sew the shoulder seams with a zigzag stitch. So you will immediately process the cuts.

8. Stitch in the sleeves, aligning the cut of the shoulder and the middle of the sleeve, and then securing with pins.

9. Stitch the side seams, aligning with the seams on the sleeve.

10. Perform the hem of the dress.

Light dress shirt

A straight shirt dress will look good on any body. Lateral cuts will add spice, a belt will accentuate the waist, and a fold on the back will add comfort when moving.


This pattern can serve as a pattern for a blouse, and for a tunic. It all depends on the length you chose. Therefore, below are 2 options for the distribution of parts on the fabric.

From viscose, open 2 shelves, a back and a yoke consisting of two parts. Also unscrew the sleeves and 2 cuffs 7 cm wide and 30-32 cm long, depending on your size.

To fasten, you need a strap for loops 9 cm wide and the right length, as well as 2 parts for a belt 93-100 cm long and 10 cm wide.


  • Make the bottom of the front and back, twisting the edge of 3 cm and zastrochiv.
  • Whole-cut undergrowths unscrew along the fold lines and iron. Scar the left edge.
  • Fold the hinge plate in half lengthwise with the right side facing inwards and stitch the bottom cut. Turn it and mark in the middle of 8 loops. The first should be at a distance of 1.5 cm from the upper cut, and the lower at a distance of 30 cm from the end of the slat. Mark the rest at the same distance. Wrap the loop and stitch the bar.

Inserting the collar and cuffs

  • On the back lay a bantovaya fold.
  • Elements of the coquette are stitch together, and then pritachaet detail to the back. In this case, the allowance for cutting the neck should protrude beyond the edges of the neck of the shelves.
  • External sections of the elements of the collar, stitch on the wrong side. Turn out the collar and stack with the rack, folding the front sides. Turn the rack and stick in the neck.
  • On the sleeves lay the folds and stitch in the armhole.
  • Sew side seams on the bodice and seams on the sleeves with a single stitch.
  • Sew short sections on the cuffs. And stitch them to the sleeves.
  • Sew the belt.

Evening without pattern

Many watched the fate of the heroines from the series "Sex and the City", empathized with them and admired their bright outfits.One of these dresses can be sewn without using the pattern in one evening.

The evening dress in the Greek style enchants with a simple and spicy slit on the back. To make it you need viscose and a few measurements.

  1. 1.5 meters of viscose with a width of 1.5 meters fold in half so that the lobar thread is vertical.
  2. Determine the waist line.
  3. Sew the bottom side seam to the waist.
  4. Draw an oblique line on the bodice, after taking measurements of the armhole. If you have a small chest or you want the dress to be more romantic, bend the fabric on the bodice in the form of ryushka.
  5. Lay the top line, making a drawstring for the cord.
  6. Make a bend of the ruches and hem, then stretch the cord with a pin.
  7. Sew the back sewn back to the side of the inside out. So that in the front of it does not bristle, make a hem and sew.
  8. The edges of the fabric can be processed on the overlock or zigzag stitching.
  9. Tie a belt to the dress or sew from a contrasting material.

Front and back view of the finished evening dress.

Cocktail with an asymmetrical bodice

A short summer dress made of crepe-satin with drapery and asymmetrical straps perfectly follows the bends of the body, creating a seductive silhouette.


You can make the skirt on the dress very short or long, therefore there are 2 options on the layout plan.

Re-cut the parts of the pattern on paper, increasing to the desired size and setting the desired length. After cutting the crepe satin parts, stretching in the transverse direction, not forgetting the seam allowances.


  1. On the front bodice (detail 1) from the seamy side, sew the folds to the arrow marks, press and sweep along the cuts.
  2. On the left shoulder strap (det. 3) with sweeping stitches move the fold lines to the front side. Fold the folds and iron, then sweep along the slices. Turn the one-piece trim along the fold line onto the shoulder strap with the folds face to face, stitch the longitudinal sections. Bletheel and prjutjuzhte. Sweep the upper and lower sections. Fold folds with stitches on the facing.
  3. Left shoulder straps sweep, and then pritachayte to the bodice.
  4. Attach the facing (det. 4) to the front of the bodice, starting from the right armhole, then along the shoulder section.
  5. Rear end of the left shoulder strap to shoulder to slice on the back.
  6. Stitch the back backing to the back of the bodice, securing the left shoulder strap.
  7. Stitch the bodice along the right side section and then short cuts of the facing.
  8. On the details of the skirt, gash the folds and stitch the darts, then sew the seam on the right side.
  9. Lower and lower the top of the dress, remove and stitch the skirt.
  10. Sew a zipper into the left side seam and make a hem.

For full

A summer dress with a flying skirt, a deep and at the same time modest neckline-droplet and numerous ruffles on the bodice can be worn for work and for a party.

The top resembles a traditional Bavarian blouse, so if you shorten the skirt to the hips, you will get a fashionable tunic.


Details of the pattern, resize and increase to the desired size.

Separately, draw out 2 rectangles for a skirt 80-89 cm wide, depending on the waist size and 75 cm long, including the allowances. Also open the 2 bands for the folds on the bodice 21 cm wide and the length equal to the length of the bodice. Vtachnye belt front and back consist of three parts.

For the belt, open 2 parts 2 m long and 17 cm wide, including allowances.


  1. On the fold lines in the longitudinal direction, mark the mid-front lines at a distance of 1.5 cm from the cut and 5 fold lines. Mark the first fold fold line at a distance of 2.5 cm from the center line of the front; mark the next fold lines at intervals of 3.5 cm.
  2. Fold inside out and fold out inside out. Fold the last crease sweep up.Make the second fold band symmetrically the first.
  3. Details pritachayte to the appropriate shelves in front.
  4. On the details of the bodice, sew the undercuts.
  5. Sort the upper sections of the bodice by making large stitches and pulling them together.
  6. Sew the shoulder sections.
  7. Sew the details of the collar over short cuts and top, folding them facing each other. Turn the collar and stitch in the neck. Make a loop and sew a button.
  8. On the bodice front, perform the right side seam.
  9. Three details of the set-in belt before the front, get together. Do the same with the details of the belt back. Both belts stitch on the right side cut.
  10. On the skirt, perform the right side seam. Gather it to the length of the lower cut of the set-in belt. Belt stitched to the bodice and to the skirt.
  11. Sew a zipper into the left side seam.
  12. Sew sleeves and stitch.
  13. It remains to make the bottom of the dress and sew a belt.

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