How to "skeleton" autumn leaves

Author: Alexandra Maximova

Autumn came. The last leaves are still hanging on the trees. It's time to replenish their stocks of floral material. Today I will tell you about the way to “sketch” the leaves, which can then be painted and used in any compositions.

So, collect the leaves. The main thing is that they are undamaged and strong in appearance.

My leaves. It is possible with soap.

We load all foxes into a pot (preferably not the one in which you cook all the time) and generously pour in regular soda (I usually put 1/3 packs).

We put on the fire and boil for 1 to 2 hours, periodically adding water. I will immediately say: the smell is not very pleasant, do not pour a lot of water at once, since soda gives high foam during boiling, and then a thorough cleaning of the whole kitchen is provided to you.

After the leaves are boiled, take the old oilcloth and gently lay out a leaf on it.

Leaf is very hoopky! And very carefully we begin to erase the flesh of the leaf on both sides. I used to use a piece of sponge and gently washed the surface of the sheet with it, but then I discovered rubber gloves with such a ribbed surface - this is more convenient.

Here is a half-baked leaf.

When the sheet is completely “oskelechen”, it must be washed under running water to wash off all residues.

Put them to dry on the fabric, gently straightening the whole leaf.

That's all. Here they are handsome!

You can later soak the leaves in a solution of whiteness, to oh discolor and paint in the desired color. Well, what to do with them, then let each master decide for himself. Thank you all for your attention.

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