How to start working on the grill. A practical guide.

Winter is passing, and this means the opening of the season of summer cafes, camp sites and seaside resorts, which means that a massive recruitment of mangal workers or related professions will begin. This manual will be useful for those who decide to try themselves in the field of a cook on the grill. In it, I will talk about what you need to pay attention to in work and what secrets the work on the grill holds. The first rule that you need to learn by heart is to give out only such a product that you would eat and feed your family. This rule will require a much more serious attitude to work and, in the end, gain recognition from customers and work colleagues. Further material will be divided into several sections for better perception.

Mangal preparation

Before starting work, it is necessary to clean it of coal and debris left after yesterday, as it is very inconvenient to clean the hot grill.For kindling, I harvested finely chopped chips and small sticks, which I spread out in several layers on top of paper. Each layer is put perpendicular to the previous one, so the fire will quickly burn. If the load on the grill is high enough from the moment of opening, it is worth melting it about an hour and a half earlier to get enough coal for work. At the sea and in large cafes, the kebab keeper usually works with an assistant and it is worth commissioning him to burn the barbecue. One of the secrets is the size of firewood for different situations.

To obtain the initial heat, or to rapidly increase its quantity, add finer-cut burrs, and if there is no work or enough logs, put larger ones. You also need to prepare such a quantity of firewood, so that even with the most active work they are enough for the rest of the day. Fold them next to the brazier, so as not to waste time on their delivery. Meat must also be prepared in advance. I select about 20-30 kilograms of onions and string on the skewers beforehand, and then cover it with film and put it in the fridge, so with a heavy load you do not need to waste time on stringing.In my spare time I string meat on loose skewers. Stringing meat should be done correctly so that the meat is turned to heat with a larger area, this will ensure faster roasting and greasy parts will not burn.


Based on the number of people, it is necessary to control the amount of meat standing on the grill, if people go plump then it makes sense to put in advance several skewers. If people are weak, do not put the meat in advance, so as not to warm it later, those who understand the meat can easily return it and start a scandal. Constantly turn the meat on the grill, as soon as the juice starts boiling on it, it will help not to burn the meat and give a uniform crust.

In parallel, watch the brazier and do not let it burn out completely. Do not expect that at the end of the day there will be no people and there will be enough coal, someone will come and order a normal amount of barbecue, and you will not be able to cook it in time. I have already written about the necessary quality of shish kebab, but there may be a situation when meat is replaced by individuals who are being subjected to a queue and begin to demand a shish kebab without queue or make claims about the long execution of the order.In this case, you say that there are a lot of orders and a brazier is full and if you do not want to get a poor-quality product, you will have to wait a bit.


Not all, but many owners have control over the arrival of the consumption of meat on the grill. For those owners who work for me, the control is very strict and every day we hand in written reports on the arrival and consumption of meat. We have decided to write off 25% of the raw weight for the uzharku. But now the promised secret of the boil does not always reach a quarter, and besides, you shouldn’t discount the fact that, in most cases, you are also leading a plummet of barbecue. I do not at all urge to weigh clients, etc., just for small grams, everything is usually rounded in its direction, approximately 5-10 grams per position. On a normal weight sold in 50-80 kilograms, these grams turn into normal weight.

So, some owners strive to take the whole plus to themselves, although they have already earned theirs, others give all the advantages to mangalchik and do not control them in any way, the third, and most of those sane, are offered by the majority to sell the surplus and divide the money for two. This policy allows you to not control the costs and scales as vehemently as their more greedy colleagues do and at the same time receive additional profits.

When working with such owners, you can get the maximum income. For yourself, it is worth keeping a constant control of the meat received and sold, in order not to be in the red and if a thief appears in the team, it could be brought to clean water. The same reporting will help to track the dynamics of the increase in excess meat and its implementation.

With a large volume of sales of meat it is worth thinking about an assistant, and better about two, because in most cafes there are more than 10 dishes on the grill menu and prepare new orders on their own, especially if they are rarely ordered and there are no blanks. Therefore, one assistant watches the barbecue and meat or gives it on orders, and the second prepares meat and other dishes for frying.

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