How to stop postponing everything for later and fulfill your dream in a week

I diligently versed in myself, sorting out the causes of chronic offenses and complexes, made a lot of lists, what to buy, what to change, where to start and how to prepare. But on serious decisions dared only in the head, at the very last moment postponing a detailed plan for implementation. As stupid as it sounds, but I was sure that for something very important and meaningful in life, everything should coincide. Looking at the people around me, I was sure that the big changes were just the happily converging stars, but not the result of hard work. The idea that tomorrow everything will be different put me in a stupor. I postponed the journey because of the workload at work, then because of the collapsed relationships that spoiled the mood and deprived of inspiration.

When it was really necessary to take this very first, but real step, I was ready to come up with a thousand excuses why my ideal life was not destined to be right now.I needed not just a sign from above, but someone who would take the first step and try the soil.

Something or someone from the outside who will convince me that I have planned everything correctly and can proceed.

How to stop postponing everything for later and fulfill your dream in a week

There will never be a better time than now

The right moment will never come, but time can go away irrevocably along with the urgency of many desires and plans. While we are waiting for revelation from above, reality itself is changing, taking away from us the possibilities for the realization of our plans. Sit on the spot, plan and wait - a luxury. The inability and fear of living here and now compels us to live in some illusory future, which is equally filled with illusions and plans. But when the children grow up, when I get out of the decree, when the husband starts to earn a lot, after the wedding-move-repair - that's when we really live. Familiar? Instead of taking everything into my own hands and assuming responsibility for my life, I've postponed it many times for tomorrow, until later, until a more favorable combination of circumstances. And the whole life passes, in general, not bad, but as if not in full force, not really.

  • Want. I can. I do.This is a real-life scenario in which a person seeks to solve his problems and fulfill needs. Based on real possibilities, of course.
  • Want. I can. Next time.This is the scenario of a future, “deferred life”, in which a person willingly and in detail explains to himself and those around him why he cannot live as he wants.

It's amazing how much effort we are willing to spend on excuses and search for reasons why not. And how reluctant to go to meet even the most successful circumstances. Unfortunately, the very same Day we are waiting for will never come. But the trick is that every day you can make it special.

How to stop postponing everything for later and fulfill your dream in a week

Check for irresponsibility

Neither parents, nor husband, nor government, nor the most disinterested well-wishers will make my life as I want. Only I know for sure what the future looks like in my dreams, which means that the responsibility lies only with me. There is a very effective method of checking how effectively you are moving towards a goal and whether it is movement at all. You need to take your desire / goal and "get rid" of the following issues:

  • What have I done today to get closer to the goal? And in a month? For the last year?
  • Were there any good opportunities or time to achieve the desired? And if there were, I should admit honestly, why did I not use them?
  • What do I plan to do in a year to get my way? And in the next month? In the end, what am I ready to do right now for this to happen?

When I asked these questions in relation to my desires, I was amazed how irresponsible my behavior was despite all the lists and participation in inspiring motivational marathons. Why wait when you lose weight and put a figure in order to change the style and become a truly gorgeous woman? After all, you can start picking up bright things right now that will make your wardrobe look spectacular. Why wait until you get a better paying job to go on a trip of your dreams? You can book hotels for free right now or at least start choosing a room with a good view from the window.

I refused to meet, which could really help, because it's cold outside and I need to spend all day on the road. I could sit down right now and start making small steps, but it's easier to plunge into the usual gray routine.

And “I want”, as it turned out, can wait.

If you think about it, then each of us in the subconscious weighs a list of desires and plans, which stretches almost from school! And it would be okay if there were any dreams that required tremendous titanic efforts. All my life I wanted to get into the opera, but did not even try to do it. After all, it’s necessary to look for where this very opera is sung, and then also to buy tickets to the theater, to go to another city. And the dress probably needs some special one, which I definitely don’t have.

Most people have a dream that can be fulfilled before the end of the week, and they make it a lifelong dream.

Sometimes we dream about traveling all our life, which we can save for a year, even with the smallest income. All our lives, we lament the lack of time for our favorite activity, although we can now take it and do it. We love to dream about Tom Himself to a Man, but we just sit at home and sadly look at the pages of happy couples on the Internet. Maybe it is worth to leave the house for a start? Maybe we should start to choose from the intricacies of the mind and illusions?

How to stop postponing everything for later and fulfill your dream in a week

Our whole life consists of such small, at first glance, frivolous “deferred” cases.And when you realize that your whole life consists of such moments, you no longer want to postpone. Reality can never be compared with fantasy. Let it be askew, even crooked and completely imperfect, but I began to realize my aspirations and dreams. It is better to bring the sketch to perfection of the curve, than to sit on a blank sheet for years and never proceed to a future masterpiece. How much joy and happiness we leave in our dreams, passing real chances and opportunities past us! Not far off is the New Year, the perfect time for special desires. But why wait? I wish you to start living right now, and not in a fictional “next year”, which should be better than the previous one.

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