How to straighten bumper

First, unscrew the bumper and lay it comfortably. It is necessary to do the first thing docking "fragments." A clamp is best for this purpose. Naturally, the fragments are very different. Sometimes one clamp is enough, and sometimes two or three are needed.
Using the usual 60 watt soldering iron on the inside, solder the seam. Next you need a fitting. Staples can also be used. Solder them at a distance of 3 millimeters, and then zaplavte seam. After that, you can proceed to repair the outside. In the place where the seam is located, remove the paintwork with an orbital coating. Use the circle P240. Next you need to make a solder outside.
Go to the stripping of the soldered and cooled seam. This can be done using a circle of the same grain. After stripping, be sure to blow the seam with compressed air. Next you will need a hair dryer. With it, melt the formed fibers on the plastic.
So, the bumper already has a holistic look.It is necessary to stock up in advance putty for plastic. Stir it and apply on the seam with a rubber spatula. Be careful, the surfacebumperspretty relief. In hard-to-reach places, putty can be applied with a finger. Let the application site dry. Next, you need to make grinding putty with a circle P120. Under the ground, you need to change the circle on P240.
Bring the primer in a ratio of 3 to 1. Apply the primer in 2 layers. Between applications, perform a 15-minute drying. After that it is possible to put a developing layer.

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