How to call a gin?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 7, 2012
How to call a gin?

If you have a cherished desire, but achieving it is extremely difficult, then it's time to turn to magic. Only skeptics and materialists claim that such phenomena are nothing but fairy tales, however, they cannot find an explanation for many facts. I propose to indulge in simoronsky practice and learn how to cause a gin or a spirit of desires.

To perform the ritual you need to take a vessel similar to a lamp or a jug. If you do not have a lamp, you can take a vase or pot. Rub the jar with your hand and imagine how gin comes out of it. Think about it well, weigh your desire and tell the gin about it. Then just let him go. Let it fly. He must complete your task. If suddenly in time you begin to think again about this desire, remember that now it is the concern of a genie. Terms of wish fulfillment depend on how bona fide gin you got. One genie can be assigned no more than three tasks. Then you have to change the lamp and look for a new gin.

Such a technology for the fulfillment of desires is found among many peoples of different beliefs.Instead of jinn, the performers of desires are various spirits and mythical creatures. Suffice it to recall the Russian fairy tale "Flower-seven-flower". Remember: “Fly, fly, petal ...” Desires in this tale were performed by a magic flower.

In fact, there are no magic colors, but a person himself can work wonders. Spirits and magic items are just visualization, helpers. The magic comes from the person and how strong it will be depends on the sincerity of the desires.

The essence of the fulfillment of desires is one. You just need to think about what you really want, and let go of this desire. It will surely be fulfilled. The main thing is to sincerely believe in miracles and magic.

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