How to survive parting and not to destroy yourself

Hard will not argue. But sobering.

So if you, too, suddenly fell into the list of people around the world who are currently experiencing a separation with the love of their whole lives, try to find the strength to overcome despair. How? Many psychological articles have been written about this. But even if you do not go into the medical jungle, there are several effective ways to survive the separation quickly and easily. I will remind you of them now.

First: do not discount yourself

First, YOU, and then everything else: if you do not believe in yourself, no one person can return this faith to you, even if he wants. Remembering the moments of past relationships, stop cherishing only good things, remember the offenses that this person has inflicted on you: humiliation, shouts, inattention, etc. Why do you need such a favorite?

Second: allow yourself to suffer, but set the exact date for the end of your melancholy

In the literal sense of the word, mark on the calendar or put a reminder in the phone that such and such a date you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start a new life.There are many stars in the sky, and the shorter the period of your torments, the sooner you will see them.

How to survive parting and not to destroy yourself

Third: remove from the eyes of all things related to the old relationship

Delete or archive joint photos, hide, give, throw out everything that reminds you of him. And do not do what you used to do only together, for example, do not go to your favorite cafe, do not sit on your bench in the park, or do not buy his favorite dumplings ... Do not disturb your soul, believe me, you will have many more new iconic things with another by man.

Fourth: include on all power any occasion for joy

Even if at this stage you want to crawl under a blanket and cry a bucket of tears, struggle with these amenities. Change your image, go in for sports or other goodies, immodestly take a break from shopping therapies, fix the repairs finally. Believe me, it's even more pleasant to be sad with a beautiful manicure, a trim booty in a new skirt and looking at a new wallpaper.

And the last thing: do not find out which of you is guilty, and do not forget about your pride

If you are left, then no bargaining or a deal with the heavenly office will not help. And do not look for meetings with him, because twice you will not enter the same river.At best, such meetings end up with sex without commitment.

In general, when people cut through the living, there are always wounds in the heart, but our task is to turn them into “battle scars” and invaluable experience. And remember, the phrase “Until death do us part” should not be taken literally, the death of one relationship always implies the beginning of a new one!

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