How to survive the New Year holidays without harm to health: 7 practical tips

shutterstock_232918261The New Year's Eve is a traditional lavish feast with lots of different fatty and fried dishes. And also an integral part of the holiday table - champagne! And more candy, chocolate and many, many ...
And after - a whole week of holidays, during which you can sleep before dinner, go to bed after midnight and lead a well, completely inactive way of life.
How not to change the traditions and enjoy the rest without harming your health? Especially for you we have prepared 7 effective tips, following which you will feel good and easily meet in the usual rhythm of life after the weekend.

№ 1.December 31, make sure that you have not only dinner, but also breakfast with lunch. This will help you not to overeat at the holiday table. If you are going to visit, be sure to eat before leaving the house.So you do not overload your stomach by eating too much food in one sitting.

№ 2.Do not prepare too many dishes for the holiday. Observe moderation, do as much as you can really eat. The food that remains after the New Year's Eve and is stored in the refrigerator for another week loses its freshness and pleasant taste every day.

№ 3.Try to come up with a fantasy to compose a New Year's menu. Leave only one or two fatty dishes, make more salads from fresh vegetables.

№ 4.Drink alcohol only during toasts. Do not drink them food - for this pour yourself a simple water or juice. By the end of the evening you will notice that this was a great idea.

№ 5.Do not drink carbonated water, if you do not want to gain a few extra pounds. The fact is that the carbon dioxide contained in them irritates the gastric mucosa in the same way as gastric juice does when you are hungry. The effect is expected: you want to eat more, although long fed.

№ 6.During holidays, do not sit at home all the time. Let the habit of walking in the fresh air, not even very long. Go to visit relatives, visit friends, walk with a dog or children.This will keep your body in good shape.

№ 7.Try to observe the daily regimen. To do this, start with a New Year's Eve - after all the salutes and congratulations go to sleep. So you will help your body stay healthy, and without difficulty you will join the previous rhythm when the time comes to go to work.

These were 7 effective tips, how not to hurt your health during the holidays. Rest right!

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