How to say no to boss

You will need
  • - logic
  • - the ability to clearly express their thoughts
One of the reasons to sayto the boss"no" - if you understand that the task is not in your competence. In such cases, askto the bossas many open questions as possible about your assignment to get all the details. You can refuse to perform if you do not quite understand what is required of you, explaining it in detail to the supervisor.
When you speakto the bossNo, you can immediately suggest an alternative solution. For example, if you need to submit a report by Tuesday, and you understand that this is completely impossible. You can refuse to complete the task and offer to submit a report by Thursday.
When speakto the boss"no", suggest someone instead of yourself who can complete the task. And you shouldn’t just throw: “Find someone else ...”, it’s better to say this: “It seems to me that Tatyana Smirnova is more competent in this matter, because it is her specialization.Maybe better to ask her? ".

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