How to tie a ribbon scarf?

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How to tie a ribbon scarf?

Many needlewomen think about how to tie a ribbon scarf. Such an increased interest is due to the fact that knitting from ribbon yarn is one of the easiest ways to quickly make an effective product. Learn how to knit scarves with ribbon yarn and crochet.

How to crochet a scarf from ribbon yarn

You can tie such a fashionable and beautiful scarf in just a couple of hours. For this you need: 250 gr. ribbon yarn, hook number 4. The process of knitting a scarf begins with knitting 15 air loops and 3 double crochet loops instead of a bar for the first row. Then it is necessary to tie another 2 air loops, skip 2 air loops in the chain and tie up the column in the third row. So you should knit to the end of the row. All subsequent rows must be repeated in the same way. Get a grid.

Next, you need to start to knit a border along the scarf: simple columns without nakida. The next row fits into double crochets, doubling the number of loops.Then the scheme of knitting these two rows is repeated. The last row knits with double crochets, increasing the number of loops by 1.5 times, that is, two loops should be knitted from two loops of the previous row. Openwork scarf of ribbon yarn is ready and can decorate any wardrobe.

How to knit a scarf from ribbon yarn

One of the most spectacular products made of ribbon-like yarn is a lush scarf-jabot. It can be perfectly used for various items of clothing or to act as an independent piece. For this you need: 100 gr. ribbon yarn and thick needles number 8.

It should be noted that the principle of knitting ribbon yarn is very simple. It is necessary to capture the upper edge arches, with the right, working, spoke. It is possible to knit the arc threads with face loops, both through one and through two loops. It all depends on the intended shape of the product. If you want the ruffles of your scarf to be not very pronounced, then you should grab every loop of yarn.

Now knit a scarf of ribbon yarn with ruffles.

First of all, you need to strung every second upper loop on a straight knitting needle. In order to make the arc easier to distinguish, it is necessary to stretch the end of the ribbon yarn.The knitting needle should be inserted under the thread from right to left, then the knitting needle, with the loop formed, should be moved in the opposite direction from itself. Thus, it should be knit six loops. Next, the first arc of the series must be knit with a regular face. At the same time, the right knitting needle should be inserted beyond the upper wall of the loop. Then you need to knit two loops together and throw them on the needle. This should be done until one loop is left in which you need to stretch the rest of the threads and tie a knot.

Pay attention to one important point in the process of knitting, consider some features of how to tie a ribbon scarf. The fact is that in the process of working with this type of yarn it is necessary to unwind the skein as accurately as possible. It is necessary to ensure that the ribbon does not twist into a spiral. Otherwise, the scarf will not look the same on both sides. You should also perform both direct and reverse rows exclusively with facial loops, and always start the braid for work. Although it may seem to you that this robot is rather complicated at first, do not despair, in 15 minutes you will become a master! In the case when you need to tie several rows of ruches, it is best to work in two threads.It will be necessary to make two webs with ribbon yarn, and the next pair - with a thin cotton yarn, which has a ribbon tone. In this case, the folds will go in neat rows.

As you can see, tying a ribbon yarn scarf is pretty simple. Also helps you tie a scarf of ribbon yarn - the video below.

Now you will definitely be able to knit such a fashionable accessory as a scarf made of ribbon yarn. Here are examples, both for those who like to crochet, and for the knitting needles. Pick the appropriate material and color range for your scarf, buy yarn, and go!

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