How to tie high shoes

How to tie high shoesHow to tie high shoes

High shoes with laces are present in almost every teenager. Only for some reason, it is worn with the very laces that came with the purchase. The lacing at the same time remains factory. But there are many different technologies for lacing high shoes, while it acquires a completely new look and looks the most fashionable and beautiful.


Tying high shoes



Pass the string through both lower holes and pull it out by pulling the ends. Cross the ends, and then pass them to the outside from the inside through the subsequent holes. Repeat these steps until the upper holes. This is the easiest and most popular method of lacing high sneakers. The lace intersects with itself along the entire length.


Thread the lace through both lower holes and pull out its ends outwards. In this case, one end of this lace should cross out through the top hole of the lacing. Then the second end of the lace crosswise through one hole of this lacing. Continue to alternately lace up the two ends of the lace until all the holes are gone. This method is called European lacing.Such lacing provides sufficient strength and reliability.


Thread the string through the lowest holes and bring the shoe from the two ends inside. Lift the right end of the lace up right, then slide it out of the top hole and pass it into the left hole. Next, lift both ends up and out each one through one hole, and then pull them to the other, opposite side and lace them up until all the holes are gone. This is a straight lacing.


Pass the string through both lower holes and enter inside the shoe. One side of the lace stretch along the entire length of the lacing of the shoe and pull it straight from the upper left hole. Pull the other side of the lace into the top hole, and then flip it over to the other side and lift up the inside of the shoe. In this case, the second end of the lace should go through all the holes and go out at the top. This is an extreme lacing, which is a lightweight form of straight lacing.


Thread the string through the bottom holes and take it inside the shoe from both ends. Lift the right end of the lace up from the inside, out of the hole and in the horizontal direction stretch it to the opposite side. Pull the other end of the lace across the shoe, passing one hole.After this, horizontally take him to the hole from the opposite side. Thus continue to diagonally lace up the sneakers until one of the ends of the lace reaches the topmost hole. Then, lift the other end of the lace one hole along the left side inside the shoe and out. This is a sawtooth lacing.

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