How to transfer money from Beeline to Beeline?

Igor Gorbatyuk
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How to transfer money from Beeline to Beeline?

It is not a secret for anyone that today there are quite a number of different mobile operators. �Beeline� among them, perhaps, occupies not the first or even second place in popularity among citizens, but many people are still very interested in how to transfer money from Beeline to Beeline.

It turns out that there are two ways to do this. Choose which of the two you like best, and use it for health.

  1. Service "Mobile translation". This service will allow you to transfer money from your mobile account to another. This service is not necessary to configure. Payment for such a service is 5 rubles, including VAT, for each transfer. During the day, the amount from your mobile account is debited and transferred to the subscriber in need. In order to use the service, dial: (* 145 *) phone number to which money should be sent (*) amount of money, which, naturally, will be deducted from your mobile account (#) call.
  2. The second way is the Mobile Payment service.In this case, the transfer fee is 3 percent of the total amount transferred. The maximum amount of transfer per day, however, can not be more than five hundred rubles. You can use the service by going to the official website of "Beeline" in the section "Payment" and then "Mobile Payment".

Now you know how to transfer money quickly and easily from Beeline to Beeline. Of course, the first method, in our opinion, is much simpler than the second.

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