How to transfer money to Russia?

In our time with you, banking technologies have already reached a level of development that can allow transferring money from other countries to Russia without causing any special problems. The terms on which such transfers are made can vary from 15 minutes to a couple of days.

What you need to transfer money?

If you are thinking about how to transfer money to Russia, through payment systems, then there is nothing to think about it. After all, you need to have with you only a pen, a passport, the name and surname of the recipient, his address, as well as, directly, the money itself, which you are going to transfer.

A little more complicated is the case with bank transfers. Here you will need: the details of the beneficiary’s account, a current account in the same currency as the beneficiary’s account, as well as the balance in this current account, sufficient to cover the amount of the transfer and the bank fee.

Translation Systems

If you do not have your bank account, or do not want to use it in a particular situation, you can choose a transfer system. Such systems differ in the speed of translation, tariffs, as well as the geography of their presence.Regarding the last point, some systems provide an opportunity to receive a transfer at any points of issue in the territory of our entire state, while others allow it to be done only at the specifically mentioned point.

For example, in the CIS, the choice of systems that are also represented in Russia is quite wide, but when it comes to foreign countries, it is significantly narrowed. The most famous of all international systems is "Western Union". However, it has not the most favorable tariffs within the CIS.

Money transfer process

So, how to transfer money to Russia? After choosing a transfer system or a particular bank, you need to go to the nearest point during business hours, having money and a passport with you. In any case, you will need to fill out some documents. They will accept the money, and in return will be given a receipt (at the bank), or a control number, which should be communicated to the recipient in any way possible. You can even send a translation to yourself. As a rule, he waits for his buyer for about a month.

In order to transfer money to Russia from a bank account, you should make sure that your bank account is fixed, directly, in the same currency as the corresponding account of your potential recipient.Practically each of the currently existing domestic banks opens accounts in euro, dollars and rubles for clients. Some banks carry out transactions with other currencies, but so far there are not as many of them as anyone would like.

Some of the foreign banks have correspondent accounts in Russia. Usually they are created with the participation of a Russian credit institution.

The main thing with a bank transfer is the account number. Everything else can be copied from the official site of a particular recipient bank. If Internet banking is available, you can send money with it. If you want to do everything personally, then go to the nearest bank branch with a passport and hand the payment details to its operators.

Russian users also have a good opportunity to receive money using the "MoneyBookers" system. To use it is not so difficult. You will need only your account in the system, as well as the email address of the recipient, according to which his account is registered in the same system.

As we see, in practice, everything is not so difficult.As for preferences and statistics, the majority of transfers in our time are still carried out by verified banking methods, although in recent years there has been a tendency to transfer money to a virtual form.

Let's hope that now you understand how to transfer money to Russia.

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