How to treat flu complications

First of all, it is very important to establish whichcomplicationsgave the flu. If necessary, it is necessary to make blood and urine tests, X-rays. In no case can not refuse this or Noah diagnostic procedure. Remember: it is about your health, and, perhaps, about life itself.
The most dangerous neurologicalcomplicationsFor example, arachnoiditis. Symptoms: headache, mainly in the forehead and nose, flashing "flies" before the eyes, nausea, dizziness. The danger of this disease is that during its development the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid is disturbed. There may also be a complication in the form of Guillain-Barre syndrome (the main symptom is persistent pain in the muscles). Since it is possible to make the correct diagnosis and conduct a full-fledged treatment in such cases only in the conditions of a hospital, in no case do not refuse hospitalization.
Treatment consists of intravenous administration of drugs that reduce the intoxication of the body, therapy aimed at removing excess fluid from the body, and physiotherapy.You must also follow a diet, refusing fatty, salty and fried foods.
Very commoncomplicationsmi afterfluare pneumonia, as well as diseases of the upper respiratory tract - for example, bronchitis, sinusitis. The treatment is carried out as prescribed by a doctor, can be carried out at home by taking antibiotics, as well as drugs that thin sputum and expand the bronchi. A plentiful warm drink is helpful.
For the period of treatment of complications caused by the flu, physical activity is strictly contraindicated. Be sure to follow the bed rest and drink more fluids, such as lingonberry juice.
There are folk ways, but remember thatcomplicationsneed to be treated according to the recommendation of a doctor. For the prevention of colds drink broths of rosehip, raspberry and mint.
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Treatment of complications of influenza itself is fraught with disastrous outcome. Therefore, at the first symptoms of the disease, seek medical help.

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