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How to use daemon tools lite and mount disk images?

How to use the program daemon tools lite any self-respecting Internet user should know. If you are just starting to explore the possibilities of the world wide web, then you can do without this program, but here's the next ... Hardly. You can pump a lot of movies or music, and what to do with it?


Let's sort out,how to use daemon tools litethe program, what it is in general, and where you can download for free. In one article it is difficult (read - impossible) to tell about all the possibilities of this program, but something most important and basic will become clear.


It was particularly gratifying that the developers of this program recently changed the design of their official website, more clearly systematized the information and for each version identified a separate domain. In order not to get lost there, we will explain everything for you here. With the addition of videos, with useful links, with clarifying photos.


Before you start exploring the possibilities and using the daemon tools lite, you should understand what this program is for. It turns out that not everyone knows about it.Daemon tools lite was designed to programmatically create disk drives on a computer. This creates for the operating system the illusion of a large number of drives. Then in such a drive an image is mounted and you can watch a movie or enjoy a computer game.


Some users believe that it is possible to do without installing daemon tools lite on a computer, and have it on a “pig”. To watch movies or games, you will need to insert the disc permanently in the drive. This method is also worthy of existence, but is so outdated that it is no longer fashionable to use it. Yes, and the laser disk is deteriorating from frequent use, to cancel from the virtual image. The program daemon tools lite makes it possible to mount both blue-ray and hd images, real analogs of which have a very tangible cost.


You can download daemon tools lite from this site, in the center are paid versions, on the right you can download free versions. First install the lite version. You can choose and pro version of the program. For it is offered a test 20-day period. After the end of which you can buy a commercial version for 20 forever green or your choice to stop all the same on the lite version.


How to use Daemon Tools Lite - video review.




Some readers may say, what are these lite and pro options? In order not to explain for a long time and not to write a lot of books, just look at the table from the official site, and everything will fall into place. On top of the table are various options for the program, vertically - opportunities.


Features of daemon tools

The possibilities of different versions of the program Daemon Tools Lite, convenient to use any.


At the top there is a menu on the subject. By clicking on this or that bookmark, you will find any information of interest. It is not difficult to figure out how to work with the program.


After installing the program, a guide will be searched for using daemon tools. And you will have to deal with many possibilities. Even the most lightweight version can create up to 4 different drives, compress data with a password set on them, save real disks in several formats, mount images with * .mdx, * .iso, * .bwt, * .b6t, * .b5t, * .ccd, * .bin / *. cue, * .flac / *. cue, * .isz, * .mds / *. mdf, * .cdi, * .ape / *. cue, * .nrg. For more clarity, see the video below on the program.


Despite some simplicity of the interface (especially the daemon tools lite), not all terms will be understood by an inexperienced user. To do this, the site has a special section in the frequent questions. It is traditionally called faq.It contains about 15 questions with answers. Also there are links to specialized portals with technical support for different versions of the program. The developers have made a full-fledged site dedicated to each type of their products! On it in an accessible form all information about Daemon Tools Lite with excellent pictures is presented. Using a simple menu-rubricator search becomes easier than ever.

Features daemon tools lite

Features of the program Daemon Tools Lite, convenient to use with such a simple menu.

In this video you can watch a kind of video tutorial on working with the program. Something similar can be found on the developer’s website. True, the comments are written in the bassurmansky language, but this problem is solved in the text part, reading which should not cause any problems.



If you are not too lazy to read the article in its entirety, then you will not be able to assimilate all the information. You can easily install this simple daemon tools lite program on your computer and use it at your pleasure. In this case, you can really increase the life of optical drives and save some money.

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