How to wash jeans?


What many people prefer jeans for is their durability. But denim (the fabric from which jeans are sewn) in the process of washing becomes too whimsical and delicate. One day he can easily change not only the shade, but the form. Because it is so important to know the rules of washing such things.

Washing jeans. Preparatory stage

The correct choice of means for washing jeans helps to preserve the shade and form of denim. This is especially noticeable on black jeans. Hand wash should use soap. Only special powder is required: for colored fabrics and jeans. It should not contain enzymes, phosphates and other components that "eat" the color, tear down the fabric. For this reason, a liquid powder will be a suitable option.

How to wash jeans?

General tips:

Before washing, be sure to check the label;
by all means turn out the jeans on the wrong side before sending them to the typewriter;
use gentle detergents in the process of washing;
Clean your denim in cool water or room temperature with a mild mode, if you use the help of an automatic machine. It is better to use hand washing;

Proper preparation for washing is no less important than compliance with the rules of washing.

Sometimes dry cleaning is suitable for things, for example, if the fabric is of a dark color;
do not forget that it is undesirable to soak jeans, and wash them at a temperature of maximum 40 degrees;
do not squeeze jeans;
it is undesirable to wash jeans frequently. Here the less often the better.

In the process of washing denim it is worth refusing soaking at all. But if it is important and necessary, the jeans are soaked for 60 minutes in slightly heated water. Do not exceed this gap, so that the red stains from rusting rivets and buttons do not turn out. For soaking, it is advised to discard laundry detergent that excessively brightens fabrics, use soap.

If denim is colored or black, then a little vinegar is added to the water during the soaking process.

It is worth noting that manufacturers advise hand washing for jeans. But today there are quite a few programs in the new models of automatic machines, so in principle, you can choose the method of washing at your discretion.

How to wash jeans?

Hand wash jeans

To wash the jeans by hand, you need to expand them in the bathroom, brush with soap and a clothes brush and walk along the legs with a slight pressure on the brush.If there is a lot of dirt, you can soak the denim for 30 minutes. But do not abuse it, because the paint is washed out, the buttons and rivets are oxidized.

The choice of temperature is also important. If the water temperature is too high, the jeans will sit down, so the best choice is 35-40 degrees.

After washing, remove soapy water, but do not twist the fabric too much when squeezing. Enough to hold her hands in order to drive away the water.

For such a fabric, hand washing is preferable. Machine wash is allowed subject to the rules.

Rinsing is done initially in warm water, in order to avoid shrinkage due to temperature changes, and then in cool. Jeans should be dried for the belt in a draft so that the water goes away itself.

We wash jeans in the washing machine

To wash jeans in the washing machine, it is necessary to follow some rules. This fabric differs considerable weight, therefore it is not desirable to hammer a drum with a lot of things. Another nuance: jeans often shed, especially black, so send them to the wash with clothes of the same color.

With the correct selection of the program, the service life of jeans is extended 5 times: they do not shrink, they remain the original shade for a long time. So, choose the "Jeans" mode.But what if the old model machine? Then stop the choice on delicate or manual mode and a temperature of no more than 40 degrees.

One of the key problems after washing denim in a washer is the loss of color or even a change in color. In order to prevent this, you need:

unscrew trousers before each wash, check pockets;
apply the correct cleaning modes (manual, delicate, jeans);
do not resort to soaking before machine wash. But when there is a stain that is difficult to remove, the product is allowed to soak with the addition of vinegar in the water;
wash with powder for colored fabric or jeans. It should not be chlorine bleaching components. Prefer liquid ingredients. In addition, you can add a color stabilizer.

How to wash jeans?

But what to do in case of excessive pollution? Leave the jeans on pre-soaking for 30 minutes, but do not exceed this time, otherwise you will get a dull hardware. In order the fabric does not sit down, do not put the high temperature of the water.

What are the spin setting rules? The maximum rate of 400-600 revolutions per minute. You can not use it at all.Remove the jeans from the drum after rinsing, smooth your hands and hang out to dry.

Cleaning jeans without washing

If you are a true enemy of washing this material, you do not like that after such manipulations the pants lose their color and shape, the fabric coarsens, that is, an alternative option of cleaning is cleaning the jeans.

Minor contamination eliminates wet sponge for dishes. In addition, every day, going to the shower, hang up jeans nearby, so that they can steam. It is possible to arrange “general clean-ups” once in 6 months. In this case, the pants are not cleaned in the machine, and hands.

Of course, such advice is shocking to many, but true denim connoisseurs do just that. In the process of hand washing use water at room temperature and gentle agent.

How to dry jeans

How to dry jeans so that this process takes a minimum of time? The first idea that visits is to put the machine on a drying schedule. But if you need to reduce your pants in size - please. Do not follow this advice if you do not need to reduce your jeans. What to do?

Put wet pants on a towel, wrap them in a roll.In order for the moisture to be transferred to the cloth of the towel, you can sit on the “sausage” or tread it. If necessary, repeat the manipulations, and then dry the jeans with a hair dryer.

A variety of tricks and lifhaki help clean jeans and without washing.

Another quick drying option. Turn on the heater and hang wet products around it or place them near the included oven. It is important that the oven is clean so that jeans do not absorb the flavor of chicken tobacco or charlotte.

As already mentioned, dry jeans in a typewriter is not worth it. They can noticeably sit down. It is more correct to dry them in normal conditions and iron in a slightly damp state. Drying in the sun is also unpleasant: the fabric will be rough from this, it is difficult to iron and burn out.

How to wash jeans?

Helpful Tips

Consider some useful tips on washing jeans:

Do I need to wash new jeans? This is a desirable condition, especially when the fabric is black. If the denim is properly colored, then it has a double color. The first wash removes unnecessary, because in the process of wearing your feet will not be covered with a divorce. And the fabric will be softer;
so that black jeans have not lost their shade after the first wash, they are soaked in water with vinegar. The acid will better fix the shade and help it penetrate deeper into the thread. In the future, you will be able to wash dark jeans in salted or acidified water in order to avoid fading;
if there are embroidery or rhinestones on the trousers, then you should wash them with your hands. So all the beauty will remain in place, and will not remain in the filter of the washing machine. But if there is no time for washing with hands, then scroll through the jeans at 30 degrees in the washer. Do not forget to turn out the product and put it in the net. This will reduce friction. After set the delicate mode and turn off the spin;
If you want to avoid stretching the fabric, then wait until the jeans are completely dry, without putting them on.

Life hacking with jeans

Consider a few life hacks that will help in the care of your favorite denim pants:


There are a lot of life hacks who are in touch with jeans, which shock people a lot, but the most curious thing is that they act! For example, it is possible to replace the washing of jeans, because washing impairs their quality. But few people know that this process will be successfully replaced by freezing in the refrigerator.

How to wash jeans?

How to stretch jeans.

It is known that such a piece of clothing can serve for many years, but here the body weight of the owner often rises. To solve the problem of mismatching sizes, jeans need to stretch. To do this, wet the belt and fill this gap with different objects. Gradually add new ones.

Reduce or increase the size of jeans can be easily. Enough to follow the tricky advice.

How to reduce the size.

If you have another problem, that is, the size of the denim is required to be reduced, then this is done by two methods: using washing in a typewriter and drying, and also using a hot bath:

Put the pants into the drum of the stylus and turn on the low speed and low water temperature. Do not use powder. After start spin and dry. If there is a separate dryer, then use it;
fill the bath with high temperature water, put on pants and “dive” into the water. Lie until the water is cold. But here it is important not to overdo it with the temperature.

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