Brogues & Wingtip Shoes Guide : How To Wear, Buying Tips & Style Advice

How to Wear Brogues

How to Wear Brogues

Continuing the array of know-hows about this or that piece of clothing and accessory, we come to a very interesting and specific unit being the brogues. Brogues are shoes adorned with masculine vibes and having no heels, with the sides carrying the laces fastened right over the tongue. There are a big number of combinations that’s possible to create with the brogues and that’s what we are going to speak about right now. So here we present basicstyle tipsonhow to wear brogues, what to wear these shoes with for maximum effective looks!

First of all it’s the universality of the nature of these shoes that’s worth mentioning, thus speaking about the compatibility of brogues with the classic and the masculine styles. What we are going to find out now is the combinations that can be created with the brogues and the ways they should be matched according to the occasion.

How to Wear Brogues

General Tips and Tricks

1. Be sure to show a little bit of skin around the areas of the ankle, since this is the only way according to which you can create a counterbalance for the proportions of the enclosed shapes these shoes have. What you can do is pick some above-the-knee skirts, or just go for pieces like dresses, shorts, or cropped pants.

2. One of the coolest pieces for the brogues is the pair of wide-leg tailored pants. Matching them with any type of soft and not too extravagant blouse and finishing the combo off with some curly hair and overall tones like turquoise is the best idea in this case.

3. Put it like the guys. In other words, don’t be afraid of choosing boyfriend blazers or jeans for the bold and revolting personality stating looks.

4. Otherwise, you may tone down the masculine feel picking some feminine details and pieces for counterbalancing for the manly inspiration. Thus you may pick some pieces of jewelry, a charming hat, makeup accents like bright red lipstick or other bright tones, or just have catchy and feminine prints to make the ideal combinations.

How to Wear Brogues

When Buying Brogues

1. The very first thing that forms the look of the brogues is the stitching, so be extremely careful and attentive about it when buying brogues.

2. In order to check the condition of the leather you may make a very tiny scratch on one side of the shoe and if the tone you see underneath the stitching is the same as you see outside, then it’s just what you need. And if you foster about the small scratch on the shoes you can easily make it vanish with the help of a shoe cream.

3. One more thing you need to pay attention to in this case is the gap between the shoe and the sole the aim of which is not letting the upper and the base separate from each other.

Where to Wear Brogues

Wearing Brogues For Cool Street Style Looks

Coming to the compatibility of the brogues with the variety of styles, the street style is probably the first option that we would like to discuss. The principle of the compatibility is almost the same as it was in case of Oxford shoes. That is most often brogues are matched with denim items. The summer looks are most often formed with shorts or short skirts made of denim, and finished off with relaxed pieces like white T-shirts, and a jacket optionally. Sometimes you can also spice up the combo with a hat and a silver or golden piece of jewelry, of course, taken with super small proportions. You may also wear tights underneath the shorts, but they should be of a neutral tone and not too thick.

However, matching the brogues with jeans is the easiest thing you can do. In order to perfect this combination you may also pick a cardigan, or a turtleneck sweatshirt if it’s cold outside. Going for denim waistcoats is also an option. As for the variety of the jeans, they can be of the tight fitting type, or of the straight option, but as a rule they are shortened or cuffed like the boyfriend jeans in order to show the ankles. For the street style look you may also match the brogues with a suit jacket.

The summer alternative of the combinations with brogues can encompass light shorts, some monochrome tops, and a classy jacket. Such clothing combinations look chicer and cooler not forgetting about the feminine touches as well.

Finally, coming to the further pick of the accessories, we may speak about the classic forms of handbags, which should have the medium size. In case of jeans you may even pick a briefcase or a capacious baggy alternative. In addition, you can boldly go for the clutches of any design and in a bigger size. What you should not have when wearing brogues is socks.

How to Wear Brogues

Wearing Brogues With the Classic Style

Speaking about the ways of combining the brogues with the classic style we can also note the absolute compatibility of them with such looks, allowing you to wear brogues to your office too. You may thus match them with classic and tight dresses, or in combos with classic straight pants. The latter may be left straight or be slightly cuffed. In addition, you may perfect the combination with a polo T-shirt, a white shirt or a classic jacket.

Matching the brogues with a suit jacket and a dress is another unfailing formula of beautiful looks. The only thing that you should be aware of is that the darker color palette visually makes the image heavier and in order to secure the counterbalance of the looks you should go for the lighter tones for the jacket and the shoes as well. Nude and beige shades are some of the most successful variants for the combinations.

How to Wear Brogues

How to Wear Brogues for the Dandy Style

Finally, the boldest and the most youthful alternative for the brogues is the dandy style, picking which you may go for the typical manly garments and spice up the looks with the effortless chic vibes for different pieces of the image. Thus you may pick the brogues with the classic pants, a feminine smocking jacket, a combo including a shirt, and accessories like fedora hats. Experimenting with the masculine details for the creation of feminine looks is always a challenging but an awesome task.

How to Wear Brogues

Here were the main things that you need to remember about wearing brogues. What is left for you to do is finding out whether you like this shape or not, trying out the various forms of combinations that we noted right above. Looking through the images of celebs and models opting for the brogues you’ll manage to pull it off way more easily.

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How to Wear Brogues
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How to Wear Brogues pictures

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Watch How to Wear Brogues video

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