How to whiten white fur

You will need
  • starch or semolina, hydrogen peroxide, gasoline, ammonia, denatured alcohol.
To clean the light fur, pour over the nap with an adsorbent that absorbs dirt. At home, it is best to use semolina or potato starch. Then gently rub the fur with your palms. Dirt will remain on the adsorbent. Shake it off the fur and brush the nap in the direction of growth with a soft brush. If the first time you have not achieved the desired whiteness, repeat the cleaning again.
Apply semolina or starch to the pile. Rub it into a fur product and then spray it with a spray bottle with a solution made from shampoo or laundry detergent. Spread the dough all over.fur. After the mass dries, brush it out of the pile with a brush. Shake and comb the thing thoroughly. After a similar cleaning, the fur must be dried. This is best done in the open air, away from heating devices.Do not dry the fur in the sun, otherwise it will losewhitecolor and yellow.
In a glass of warm water, dilute a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. The resulting solution sprinkle yellowing thing from the spray. Apply only on top of the pile. After that, keep the fur for one day in the bright sun.
Knead potato starch in gasoline. You should have a mushy mass. Wipe it with fur and leave to dry. Then shake the thing. In order to get rid of the smell of gasoline, ventilate the fur in the open air.
If the white fur is contaminated due to fat, or the thing has become worn from long to wear, take half a liter of warm water and dilute 3 teaspoons of table salt and 1 teaspoon of ammonia in it. With a solution, treat the surface of the contaminated area and wipe it with a clean cotton swab, moistening it with warm water. At the same time try not to wet the core.
Mix in equal quantities ammonia and denatured alcohol. Wipe with a solution of fur, using a spray or a clean cloth. After cleaning, blot with a nap cloth.

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