How to wrap excitement in plus

Why do people worry?

Excitement is experienced not only by shy or timid people. It is peculiar to any person. Any excitement from negative emotions can be turned into positive. The best way to turn excitement into a plus is to prepare for it. If a person knows his character and can predict in what situation he will experience anxiety, the easiest way to avoid such a situation. But unfortunately, this is not always possible. And those who are anxious about any trifle are completely incapable of ridding themselves of all the causes of worry. This is a kind of phobia, which is worth getting rid of, changing your life or attitude towards it.

What is the excitement

Rapid pulse, hoarse voice, trembling in the knees, stiff tongue, confused thoughts, and the skin is covered with red spots - all signs of excitement are there. If such changes occur before a significant event, this is normal. Excitement is designed to bring the body and brain on high alert.Only it should not be excessive, so that a person does not clamp and does not lose the ability to think at all. Do not give excitement to go into fear, and then into panic. Staying in a state of invigorating light excitement, raising the tone - this is the main task.

Turning excitement into positive

To cope with something and extract maximum benefit from it, it is necessary to know its nature. The origins of excitement lie in the mental, spiritual area. Shame, shyness, timidity, anxiety, anxiety, tension, uncertainty, awkwardness - all this is the result of low self-esteem. This means that self-esteem must be increased. How? This will help ... excitement.
If a person is worried, it means that he is not indifferent to what is happening. To be partial - good. This means that a person is kind, conscientious, tactful, well-mannered. All these qualities, which in the normal state a person may not realize, during the excitement appear brighter, while increasing self-esteem. In a situation of excitement you need to look good, think about success and not treat your interlocutors as representatives of a hostile camp. Even if they are not your friends, why should they be unfriendly, rather the opposite.
To slightly lift a fit of excitement, it is recommended to do several physical exercises. They will not remove the excitement at all, but dispense it just in the proportion necessary for improvisation. And any result should be taken positively, because it carries a positive experience.

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