How do water scavengers affect our health?

Today, doctors around the world are trying to find an alternative to the use of antibiotics. This happens for several reasons. The first is to reduce their effectiveness through uncontrolled and often unreasonable application. The second is the ability of bacteria that cause diseases to change, due to which antibiotics become ineffective. And the third is the negative impact of antibiotics on our health. One of the most promising alternatives to antibiotics, some scientists call silver ions, which destroy various microbes without side effects for the human body.

Silver ions can be obtained usingwater scavenger. The effectiveness of these devicesproved by both Russian scientists and their colleagues from other countries. In particular, studies of the effect of silver ions on patient health were conducted at the University of New York Medical Center. As a result, it turned out that silver ions stimulate the secretion of immunoglobulin, which positively affects the course of diseases in patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.In addition, silver ions are able to normalize the intestinal microflora, acting as an antibiotic for pathogenic microflora.

In addition to the effect on the gastrointestinal tract, silver water has an antiviral ability that allows you to cope with, for example, the influenza virus or adenovirus in a shorter time. Russian experts have also proved the effectiveness of silver ions and their bactericidal action in the treatment of Pus eculoma.

Experts advise drinking water with silver ions in half or a whole glass on an empty stomach in the morning to prevent various pathologies in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. And if any problems are already there, you can drink it in a whole glass 3 times a day for three months. Acting as a natural antibiotic, silver water is very effective in treating gastritis and colitis, gastric ulcer, etc. By the way, if you drink medicines with this water, you can eliminate their side effects, i.e. avoid intoxication of the body.

A good aid in health promotion will also be a water ionizer. In the people, water with silver ions is called "silver healer".Protect yourself and your loved ones from the negative influence of the environment in our power. One of the ways to achieve this is to buy a graver and water ionizer and use healing water.

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