Ice Cream

The recipe is very simple. Take any berries. It can be raspberry, black currant, red currant, strawberry, blueberry.
Take any berries
You can also make assorted berries. Mix the berries with sugar (half a glass), you can whisk gently with a mixer. It should be a homogeneous mass.
Mix berries with sugar
 gently beat with a mixer
Then add the cream. The fat content of the cream should be, the higher the better. They can be 10%, 20%, 32%. Volume does not matter. 200 ml are enough for two people.
add cream
After adding the cream, beat everything with a mixer or blender. Add a spoon of semolina and mix.
 beat everything with a mixer or blender
After that, pour into dishes: these can be molds or cups.
pour in dishes
Put in the freezer. After ice cream freezes, it can be consumed.
Ice cream with your own hands
Ice cream is quite solid, so you need it to melt a little. Then put it in a spoon in a bowl. If the ice cream in the cup, you can put the cup in hot water for a minute, and then turn it into a deep plate or mug. Get a figure. So eat it much more convenient. This ice cream is much tastier than the store. Although it comes out a bit more expensive. But it is very useful, as it is prepared from natural products without chemicals. For children - this is an indispensable dessert. Bon Appetit!!!

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