Ideas for stylish do-it-yourself business cards

If you want to attract customers, business cards will help to spread information about yourself. But how to make them? There are several options.

Order business cards

The easiest, but the most expensive option is to order business cards. All that will be needed from you is to find a company engaged in printing and make an order. If you have any thoughts about the design of your business cards, then by all means tell about them. If there are no hints, then ask the designer for help, he is in every self-respecting company.


This person will offer you his ideas. Be sure to tell us more about who you are and what services you offer, this information can be important and help you choose the right design. The advantage of this way of creating business cards is that, if you wish, they can be laminated immediately, which is very convenient.

Online Generators

The convenience of creating online business cards lies in the fact that you don’t even need to leave home, you can arrange business cards while sitting at a computer and for a rather short period of time.For example, the Logaster service, which is created in Russian, with its help you can easily create business cards. It is enough just to pick up the business card mock-up from the set of proposed, to enter your data, after which, you can download high-quality business card layouts for printing. More detailed information about the process of creating business cards on Logaster is available here.

Standard programs

Required for business

Practically everyone has a computer or laptop today. There are several standard or popular applications and programs that can also help you to make interesting business cards. We offer several options.

Use Word

Word program is absolutely on every computer. To begin with, we will offer you the easiest way to make a beautiful, bright and original business card. So, the algorithm of actions:

  1. To get started, go online and find the image that will be the background for your business card. Remember that text will be inserted in the image, so do not choose too bright, dark or motley pictures.
  2. Create a document. Now find the “Insert” window in the toolbar, click on it and select the “Picture” option.Insert the image you selected. Immediately you can resize the image by left-clicking on the corner and pulling it. At this stage, you can also slightly edit the image by changing its color, brightness, contrast, and other parameters.
  3. Now it remains to write the text. To do this, move the cursor over the image, click on the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select "Text Wrapping", and then "Behind Text".
  4. Start typing the text. If necessary, shift the margins, change the font, and so on. Copy the image with the text several times (as many cards as you need). Print the received images.
  5. Business cards are ready!

Another way to make business cards is to use tables. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Create a document and change the fields immediately for convenience. Find the option “Page Layout” in the toolbar, then “Fields”. Select a value of 0.5 inches.
  2. Now find the tab "Insert", then "Table". Create a table of two columns and five rows.
  3. Find the marker in the upper left corner of the table as a cross and right-click on it.Select "Table Properties" from the menu. In the "String" tab, set the value to 5 centimeters, and in the "Column" tab, set a value equal to 9 centimeters. These sizes for business cards are standard.
  4. Find the "Table" tab, and then find the "Options" option. Remove the indents inside the cells by setting 0 everywhere.
  5. Now click on one of the cells and enter the text.
  6. Copy text to other cells.
  7. Print business cards and cut.

Paint program

The algorithm of your actions is as follows:

  1. Open the Paint graphic editor.
  2. Create a new file, set its size (5x9 centimeters).
  3. Insert image. To do this, first select it, then copy (click on the image with the right mouse button and select the “Copy” command), and then paste (hover the cursor on the file, click the right mouse button and select the paste command).
  4. If necessary, make a frame.
  5. Enter text.
  6. Edit everything and print it.

Special programs

There are special programs

It is much easier and more correct to use special programs designed specifically for creating business cards. Find those simple and easy on the world wide web. Choose the easiest and most convenient and start to operate.Interfaces of such applications, as a rule, do not have cardinal differences, so the creation of a business card consists of several stages:

  1. First you need to create a new file.
  2. The second stage is the creation of a project or layout. This is a kind of plan, the location of the elements on the business card. Choose the appropriate option and move on.
  3. Now you can enter your data and slightly adjust the format.
  4. Now create a design. Most programs offer a lot of interesting options, so you can choose something appropriate.
  5. Now edit the business card and print it.

Create a business card with your own hands

For needlewomen

If you do not understand computer programs and do not want to spend money on ordering ready-made business cards, then use your imagination. How to make a business card with your own hands?

  1. So cut the pattern first. On it you will create. Use thick paper, thin will not work.
  2. Now come up with some image and transfer it to paper. You can draw with pencils or felt-tip pens. But markers are best not to use, because they usually flow, because of what the drawings do not turn out neat.Try using paints, but do not overdo it with water. The picture should not be too bright and catchy, since you will write text on top of it.
  3. Now proceed directly to the text. It is better to first make a markup using a simple pencil, drawing barely noticeable lines. Write what you need in beautiful calligraphic handwriting. If nature has not rewarded you, you can use a stencil with letters.
  4. You can "multiply" the business card using a scanner.
  5. If desired, business cards can be laminated.


You choose the design yourself

Some useful tips for making business cards:

  • Design select, given the scope of their activities. So, if you offer the services of a photographer, then mark on the business card an image of a camera or a person holding it.
  • Do not be afraid to use bold ideas, because the business card should catch and attract attention.
  • Do not overfill the business card with information, in this case, the person will not remember anything. Write only the most necessary. And the most important points will certainly highlight using different from the main font or color.
  • Remember that the main text should be, not the image, so do not choose too bright or large figures, they will distract the attention of potential customers.

I wish you success!

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