Ideas for stylish garden paths you can do yourself

What could be easier pavement in the garden? To pick up the finished tile, lay the foundation, lay out the picture. A few days of work, and your garden will look neat and strict. Unfortunately, with this approach, you are unlikely to avoid association with the ordinary city sidewalk. To make garden paths individual and expressive, make the tile yourself. You can place it only in some places, or use it as a base material for a track.

To get started, get forms and cement mortar for tiles. Look for them in hardware stores. And now a few ideas on the decor.

Stamp from fresh leaves

Fill the leaves with interesting solution form, and wait for it to solidify. Such tile will emphasize the surrounding nature in the summer, and will remind of summer greens in the winter.

Brick Hearts

This is the same composition, but filled in silicone mold and painted with waterproof paints.

Broken dishes

Do not be upset because of a broken cup or plate.Crush the fragments and use to create a mosaic tile.

Broken Bottles

If you behave too carefully in the kitchen, and the dishes rarely beat there, complete the mosaic with colored glass.

Color hemispheres

You can go further, and buy bright glass pebbles in the store for creativity. Here the rule works: the more the better.

Relief drawing

The simplest is to use ready-made forms. You can even take those that were not originally intended to create tiles.

Use any plastic containers, such as cakes and pastries.

Children's sets for mosaic

Let the result of the child's work will decorate your garden for many years.

Tile of smalt as decoration

Ceramic tile sets will complement your concrete tile perfectly. The middle can be decorated with a foot or palm print.

Paint it all!

Use any drawings and stencils. The paint must be waterproof and very stable. Bright numbers for playing the classics.

An interesting drawing is created with the help of a painting tape.

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