Ideas: what to give a pre-school birthday

Ideas for presents for kids - in our article.

When deciding what to give a child for a birthday, adults sometimes are guided by their taste: handing out clothes, useful things. But the baby does not consider this a gift! An expensive sweater for him is just a beautiful sweater. Feel free to ask what the child wants. Does your daughter need a fairy winx? Specify the name - if you make a mistake, the baby will be upset. Son want an army of transformers? Again, find out the details. And do not forget about the age of the child: toys must meet him.

What to give a girl a birthday
The girl will appreciate its own kitchen
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What to give a girl a birthday? If she is one year old, present a doll-doll or a small soft toy. For two years, you can hand in a stroller or crib for dolls, a beautiful handbag, crayons, a colorful book with many pictures. By the age of three, children are already learning role-playing games, so you can give a girl a birthday set to play at a hairdresser, toy kitchen or dollhouse, a set of children's decorations. From three to six years, the child is actively exploring the world.“Hurray” will go beautiful books, kits for modeling or needlework (choose the appropriate age) paint. And also all sorts of girlish "gadgets": a set of pins or bracelets, children's perfumes and nail polishes.

What to give the boy a birthday
Boys prefer cars, but do not refuse soft toys
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Choosing what to give a boy for his birthday - be guided by his age.

For a year, present a toy phone with buttons that are easy to press. Like the baby and bright plastic machines without small parts, as well as toys for the bath. The boy of two years will appreciate the transport more difficult - fire trucks, excavators, passenger cars. He will be delighted with the boy and musical instruments - tambourine, toy guitar, drum. Three years of age is good because it is already possible to present a toy railway to a boy for his birthday. And enjoy all these rails and trains with him. Also look at the toy weapons and sets of soldiers. Choosing a gift for four or six years, look in the sporting goods store: balls, rackets and other equipment or wall bars will be accepted with delight.And if the young racer dreams of a new typewriter, then choose a complex radio-controlled model.

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