If you have a shy child

Very often, shyness is the result of a reaction that arose at a certain point when interacting with people and turned into fear, therefore, working to overcome shyness must be careful and sensitive.

Expand your social circle and acquaintances of the child, invite your friends to your room as much as possible, walk with your child, walk around crowded places. Do not worry about the baby and protect it from the often invented hazards you give him some freedom.

Constantly strengthen your child’s self-confidence and self-confidence and engage him in a wide variety of tasks related to communication in one way or another. Create situations in which the child needs, one way or another, to come into contact with an unfamiliar adult person. For example, you can ask him to go to the store, leave with a friend for a couple of minutes.

Remember that cope with shyness is necessary while the child is small, because with age his shyness can be fixed.

There are several effective methods to help defeat shyness.During gymnastics, perform exercises similar to animal imitation (stretch like a cat, stretch your neck, like a giraffe, etc.), because such exercises liberate. You can also play "Sorcerer", who took the child's voice. The child should respond only with facial expressions and gestures, thereby mastering non-speech means of communication.

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