Ilon Musk is looking for a replacement for Amber Heard

Who said that the separation must necessarily serve as a reason for sadness? In any case, Ilon Musk does not think so. After the end of his short but stormy affair with Amber Hurd in August, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla did not indulge in melancholy, but started looking for a new friend.

Dakota Johnson

Last week, Ilon flew to Rio de Janeiro for the wedding of his friend Guy Ozeri. A source close to Mask said that the wedding was just one of the reasons for the trip: "First of all, he was eager to go to Rio to see Dakota." The star of "Fifty Shades of Gray" Dakota Johnson is also in a free search, and they have been familiar with Mask for a long time. True, the representative Mask skeptically noted that that is why "he does not need to fly to Rio specifically to meet with Dakota - he can do so anytime." And work for the billionaire is still on the first place: "Ilon spent at the ceremony for a maximum of three minutes, then to return to work on the latest version of the Tesla Model 3".

Ilon Musk is looking for a replacement for Amber HeardIlon Musk is looking for a replacement for Amber Heard

However, on Thursday, Musk again gave the tabloids a reason for reflection, appearing at the Garden of Wonder by Perrier-Jouët party in Los Angeles in the company of friends and Australian top model Jessica Hart. Ilon and Jessica sat down at a separate table and chatted enthusiastically over a glass of champagne, and Mask clearly wanted to remain incognito and asked not to photograph him. But the representative of Mask implicitly stated: “There was nothing to do with a romantic date. They met for the first time. ” Knowing the entrepreneur's weakness for blondes is probably not the last.

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