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Mar 14, 2006
Sleep Insomnia
Nick Ruechel
  • Sleeping pills, such as Ambien and Lunesta, are effective insomnia treatments and are widely used — doctors wrote 35 million prescriptions in 2004. The data suggests, however, that these medications may be habit-forming, and at least some patients report that they stop working over time. Specialists say that pills are best used as a short-term solution for sudden, intense bouts of insomnia. If the problem persists, the best approach is to change your sleep habits.
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  • Learning proper sleep techniques is a bit like going to boot camp — for weeks at a time, patients are denied bed except for short periods. It's like sleep starvation. Patients become so exhausted that they start sleeping soundly — initially for short periods and eventually for a full night. For best results this process should be supervised by an expert at a sleep clinic, but you can try to provoke a sleep craving by going to bed later than you normally would, while always rising at the same time in the morning no matter how tired you are — and never napping. Gradually allow yourself to go to bed earlier, keeping your wake time the same.
  • Never try to sleep, and don't spend extra time in bed. When you are not sleeping, get up and do a quiet activity until you feel drowsy, and then return to bed.

Video: Doctor, I Have Insomnia. What Can I Do? - Alon Avidan, MD | UCLA Health Sleep Center

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