Interesting and unique sights of Serbia

Serbia is not a Mecca of tourism, and in many cases it is a significant plus. You do not need to wait in line to look at a monument of architecture or take pictures near local attractions. But this does not make it any less interesting. Even prolonged territorial conflicts have not reduced the craving of tourists from all over the world to its original culture.

Going to the Serbs, it is worthwhile to think over your route in advance, having arrived, you can just get confused among the many interesting places that you definitely need to visit.

What you need to see?

This Balkan country will be interesting at any time of the year. In winter, travelers will be interested in ski resorts, the most popular of which is Kapaonik, or the season of big sales in local boutiques, where you can buy a lot of fashionable clothes.

Local people recommend visiting spring, when you can enjoy the beauties of nature.It is worth knowing that the climate here is predominantly continental, and in summer the column of the thermometer can easily reach a mark of +40 degrees. But even in this heat you can always find a cool, quiet place to rest.

According to the traditional route of all guides, first of all you need to go to inspect historical sites.

  1. Temple of Saint Sava. This unique structure will amaze you with its grandeur. It is so huge that it claims to be the largest Orthodox church in the world among the existing ones. It is located in the capital of Belgrade, and it will be easier to find its tourist, since the dome of the temple can be seen from anywhere in the city.
  2. Belgrade fortress. If you want to know more about the history of the capital, visit this place. Here the city was laid, and the number of monuments per square meter will definitely surprise you.
  3. Tower of skulls. Inspection of such attractions under the force of only the brave, because the spectacle is really not for the faint of heart. This is the tower of Chele-Kula, which consists entirely of human skulls, you can see it in the photo. Its existence dates back to Art. 19,when in the battle of Mount Chegar the revolutionary forces of the Serbs were attacked by the Turks.
  4. City Novi Sad. This is the cultural center of the country, in which there are many interesting institutions. Among them there is a large Catholic cathedral of the Virgin Mary that is not typical for the Orthodox Church, the fortress of Petrovaradin, which now serves as a hotel and hosts guests, the Museum of Modern Art and many other fascinating places.

But what else besides historical sights can you see a traveler from another country? Of course, places for entertainment. There are a lot of them here.

  1. Those who like delicious desserts, you need to go to the south of the country, because it is there, in the areas of Arilya and Ivanitsa, grow the most delicious raspberries. By the way, Serbia is one of the largest exporters of this berry.
  2. If you like movement, it means that you must take a ride on the mountain railway “Shargansk Osmic”. Once it was active, and now it functions as an attraction for tourists. It is worth such a pleasure 5 euros.
  3. Famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica loves her country so much that in one of her paintings she wanted to show her in all its glory.For this purpose, a village was rebuilt, which is called Drvengrad.
  4. Well, if you prefer outdoor activities and are not averse to dancing, then you definitely need to look into one of the 400 nightclubs of Belgrade, in which you don’t need to pay entrance fees, or come to Serbia in July, when the large-scale EXIT music festival takes place in Novi Sad .

What to try?

Local cuisine will be a paradise for any gourmet. It is based on the naturalness of the products and absorbed the best Eastern and Central European traditions. Start tasting national dishes is to "negushski prshut" - dried pork, which the Serbs always serve before the first course.

By the way, the soups here are special, in the most famous of them - a veal chorba necessarily add flour, so the first dish becomes thick and satisfying. If you try it for the first time, do not rush to order the second.

The most famous meat dish is the Chevapchichi. Outwardly, they resemble lula kebab, and are prepared from minced meat, wrapped in bacon. Fry them on fire and serve with onions and bread.

Desserts in Serbia are very reminiscent of Oriental - baklava, sherbet and all kinds of halvah.Separately, it is worth noting coffee, this drink is familiar to the locals, and they brew it really well, and served with a glass of mineral water.

For those who like it hot, you can try the local vodka - brandy. It is prepared from different fruits and berries: grapes, cherries, quinces, apricots. In summer, white wine with cold mineral water (syringe) will be a real salvation.

Nice gifts

In addition to the usual magnets from Serbia, you can bring some more interesting things.

  1. Flasks for brandy. As a rule, they are small in size and, for convenience, a long cord is attached to them, which can be worn on the shoulder.
  2. Knitted or woven items. Scarves, dresses, sweaters - all this can be purchased at democratic prices and remain a satisfied functional purchase.
  3. Lace Kolubar lace is known far beyond the borders of the country, from local needlewomen you can buy beautiful tablecloths or curtains of thin crocheted threads.
  4. Kolachi. For sweet tooths, take with you sets with small cakes, they can be made to order immediately before you leave.
  5. As a souvenir, various ceramics are also brought from Serbia, both for use (decanters, jugs, plates), and for pleasure (various whistles).
  6. Church.In church benches you can buy amulets from diseases. The locals believe that it is the donated amulet that will fully fulfill its functions.

Need to know!

As in every country, Serbia has its own laws and rules, and in order not to get into an unpleasant situation, you should know some of them:

  • it is better to photograph locals with their permission;
  • it is worth remembering that in Belgrade you can not take photos of public transport;
  • it’s better to refrain from discussing political topics with local ones, especially if they concern the Kosovo topic

Serbia is a country with fascinating landscapes, beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife and special culture. A lot of trials fell to her lot, but she survived and waits for everyone who wants to get to know her better.

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