Interesting souvenirs, which should be brought from Europe

If you are traveling on a trip to Europe, then for sure you plan to purchase souvenirs for relatives and friends. For surprises to be pleasant, know in advance what is best to bring from different countries.

The best souvenirs from Europe

So, what to bring from Europe? Be sure to buy souvenirs listed below:

  • Germany is famous for its love of frothy drinks, and they stand there very cheaply. It is logical that in this country there are a lot of accessories intended for drinking beer in a large and noisy company. One of them - a heavy glass mug, which is called the "masses". And in order to prove that you were in Germany, you will certainly get the masses with the logo of one of the most famous breweries "HB".
  • If you are planning a trip to Albania, then from this state you should definitely bring a silver piece. There are a lot of craftsmen here, and the prices for the material are quite reasonable and practically do not change.So go to one of the flea markets and buy jewelry, cutlery and more as a gift to yourself, family and friends.
  • Even if you are not a sweet tooth and do not like sweet at all, from Austria it is best to bring sweets, and not ordinary, but the legendary “Mozartkugel”, which translates as “Mozart's ball”. This is the finest marzipan, enclosed in nougat and covered with delicious chocolate. Such a delicacy will impress any gourmet.
  • Having been in colorful Azerbaijan, take with you a few items of copper ware, which is made here. And if you love and often drink tea, then Azerbaijani armood is a perfect container for this drink - a glass with a pear shape. You can also buy a rug decorated with traditional patterns of buta.
  • The most juicy, tasty, useful and beautiful pomegranates grow in Armenia, and these fruits can be seen not only spicing on the trees, but also lying on the shelves of souvenir markets in the form of various statuettes and other accessories. Lovers of sweets will surely like the southern delicacy of churchkhela.
  • If you are lucky enough to be in Belgium, then by all means buy real Belgian chocolate there: it is very uplifting and warming (especially if it contains pepper and other similar additives,which confectioners generously flavor their products). But do not forget to pack a good delicacy to bring it to the house safe and sound.
  • From Bulgaria you can bring well-known traditional knitted slippers of a tertlice, resembling socks or chuni Local craftsmen knit them from warm wool and make them bright and colorful, decorated with different ornaments. Such a souvenir will be very pleasant and will warm not only the feet, but the soul, giving good memories of the journey.
  • Are you planning to go to the UK? Buy as a gift what this country is famous for - British tea known all over the world: fragrant, rich and tasty. Arriving home and opening a pack, you can feel like a true Briton and enjoy a tea party.
  • Residents of Hungary are famous for their inquisitive mind and real passion for mysteries, and the Rubik's cube that became famous all over the world was invented here. But in addition to this little thing you can buy a lot of other, no less interesting. So, in the "flea" markets and souvenir shops you will surely find boxes with secrets of different shapes and sizes. The lid does not open until all the components have taken their places, so you'll have to "break your head" a little.
  • Greece is the main supplier of olives, so do not deny yourself the pleasure to purchase a bottle of this fragrant olive oil. If there is no space left in the suitcase, then you can buy herbs or spices that the Greeks also love and grow with love.
  • Tourists from Denmark usually bring a wide variety of souvenirs with traditional Scandinavian patterns. One of the symbols of the country and the character of Danish folklore is Nisse's house spirit, so you can buy his figure. A recognizable feature is the red pointed cap on the head.
  • Iceland is an amazing country with a unique nature, so special attention should be given to products made from natural materials. There are a lot of beautiful and majestic volcanoes with hardly negotiable names, and local talented craftsmen make out of volcanic rocks unusual and very beautiful jewelry: rings, beads, necklaces, bracelets and so on. And you can choose souvenirs for every taste: both for women and for men, and even for children.
  • If you go to sunny Spain, then there you can buy one of the most expensive seasonings in the world - saffron.Of course, for a large amount of a budget tourist money is not enough, but please yourself and loved ones worth it. Saffron will give any dish a beautiful golden hue, interesting taste and unique aroma. Also, buy a beautiful bright fan to escape from the heat and remember Spain.
  • Italy is famous for its high-quality and very beautiful leather products, so if you are willing to spend a certain amount on gifts, then definitely buy something from the skin. The most popular among Italians and tourists is the market located in Florence San Lorenzo. In addition, in Italy there is a Roman shop "Gammarelli", which sells socks. It would seem that nothing unusual, but the manufacturer for more than two hundred years has been supplying the clergy with socks, and the tourists are offered socks for the Pope himself. And what a very interesting and useful souvenir.
  • Cyprus has a village of Lefkara, and it is very popular among tourists. If your route will pass through it, then definitely go to one of the local shops to buy a product from the most beautiful Lefkaria lace, which is distinguished by its stunning and delicate patterns.You can purchase a tablecloth, napkin, umbrella, shawl, item of clothing or something else. But the prices are not low, because it is handmade, and painstaking.
  • In Lithuania, such a very unusual art direction as artistic carving on paper is very common. Local craftsmen and craftsmen create incredible patterns and whole pictures. And if you get such a masterpiece, you can carefully roll it up so as not to take up much space in the suitcase.
  • Practically in all countries of the Baltic region, which include Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, amber products are popular among locals and tourists. They are not very expensive, so that everyone can afford a small accessory. Amber is an amazing petrified resin of different shades of yellow, orange and brown colors, in which you can find insects that lived thousands of years ago.
  • If you are in Malta, you will surely notice that nougat is sold in almost all confectioneries and other similar establishments. Maltese really do this delicacy very well, so be sure to treat yourself and loved ones by buying several different varieties.
  • Macedonia has a warm and mild climate, so any plants feel comfortable here. Macedonians use this and grow a variety of fragrant herbs, which then turn into spicy spices. If you love cooking, treat yourself.
  • From Moldova tourist can bring the famous bag called «traista». Modern products are bright and colorful, but initially they were intended to go to the markets for products, as they are spacious and comfortable.
  • It is rather cold in Norway, so it is not surprising that warm knitwear has become a recognizable asset of this country. Usually they are decorated with traditional patterns that are copied around the world. But few can boast of a sweater, brought straight from the homeland of ornaments - Norway.
  • The symbol of the Netherlands is a tulip, so be sure to buy a few magnets with images of this flower for relatives and friends. And if you like sweets, then go to the candy store for stropvaflami. They are baked from delicate thin dough and complemented by sweet caramel filling. Here it is customary to cover waffles with hot tea or coffee before serving so that the caramel melts and soaks the crispy dough. Also in the Netherlands, porcelain products are sold.
  • Portugal is the largest exporter of cork bark, from which a lot of items are made in this country, including accessories, such as handbags.
  • In Poland, many quality and beautiful products from natural flax are sold.
  • In Romania, you can buy a traditional old headdress - a warm hat with a fur edge, which locals call “cachule”.
  • In Slovenia, you will buy here jewelry and accessories made from rock crystal.
  • Every tourist who has visited Turkey is obliged to bring from there a Nazar - an amulet against the evil eye, which can be sold as a key fob or be present in jewelry. And here is good coffee.
  • Ukraine is famous for its embroidered shirts - beautifully embroidered shirts.
  • The Czech goods most popular among tourists are local beer, Bohemian glassware and pomegranate products.
  • What to buy in Switzerland? Of course the clock! But here they cost a lot of money, although they are distinguished by the highest quality.
  • In Sweden, you can buy liquorice, which is added to the confectionery or sold in the form of candy. Pay attention to the far Carl horses.
  • From Croatia be sure to bring Lyzitar gingerbread.The famous "knight's heart" has a corresponding heart shape, is painted in a bright red color and glazed.

These were the most famous souvenirs from different European countries.

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