Is it possible to baptize a child if there are no godparents?

Many of us were baptized when we were still babies. Of course, we cannot remember how this happened. It happens that we are invited to become a godmother, or we have a child of our own. Most people, in this case, once again reflect on what the Mystery of Baptism is and whether it is possible to baptize a child without godmother and mother.

The Orthodox Church reports that the baby should have the same godfather of the same sex, and the second is at the discretion of the mother and father of the child. The church explains this mystery by the fact that while the child is still very small, the rite of baptism is carried out according to the faith of his godparents. The exception is when a seriously ill baby is baptized, when there is a threat to the life of a child, for example, a newborn in the intensive care unit.

The rules read:

In a graphic way, life shows us that religion is one, but different priests unequally explain the question of the possibility of baptizing a child without the godmother of the mother and father. Some priests are allowed to write godparents with the words of the mother and father of the baby.This figuratively can be called absentee christening. Other priests are sure that according to the canons of the church, godparents who are not present at the Mystery of Baptism cannot be considered as such before God.

Therefore, if you want to christen the baby, but the people you have chosen, for certain reasons, do not have the opportunity to attend the sacrament of baptism, and you don’t want to choose others, or, in extreme cases, there is no one to call, then you definitely need to personally talk to the priest and clarify what to do in this situation. By the way, the father himself can be the father himself.

How to choose godparents for your baby?

Most importantly, they must be baptized people, religious Christians who belong to the Orthodox Church. It is important that the condition of your choice of godparents was that the chosen person could continue to help you with good deeds, raise a child according to Christian traditions, as well as help in practical circumstances.

And of course, the important condition should be the degree of your acquaintance with the supposed godparents and just a good relationship between you.Think carefully about whether your chosen godparents can be the church mentors of your child.

If one godfather is not present at the sacrament of baptism, is it possible to carry out the ceremony without his participation, while writing it down to the godparents?

Until 1917 there was such a thing as “absentee godparents”, but it was practiced only in relation to the imperial families, if they, as a sign of their grace, agreed to be the godparents of a baby. If we are talking about a similar situation, only, of course, in the modern version, you can do so, and if not, then it is better to proceed from the common practice for all norms.

Is it possible to abandon the godparents if the child has already been christened? And whether it is possible to cross the child with the purpose of correct education in the Christian faith?

The child, in no case, can not be crossed, since the Sacrament of Baptism occurs once, and the sins of the godparents, native parents and even the most baptized do not abolish all those gifts that are given to the child in the Sacrament of Baptism.

As for communication between a person and his godparents, then of course betrayal of faith,that is, the transition to another religion or falling away to godlessness, as well as a non-Christian way of life, confirm that a person did not cope with the duty of the godfather.

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