Is it possible to be fashionable for a salary of 30,000 rubles?

If a designer fur coat or boots, taking into account the current exchange rate, stand like a used car, then it is logical to assume that in order to be fashionable, you need to be either simply rich or very rich. And given that the average salary in the country does not exceed 30,000 rubles, it turns out that it can be called fashionable units ... So it is, yes not so: today only idolized idol worshipable clothes are just snobs and bored wives of businessmen from a hundred Forbes. For all the others, we have several proofs of being fashionable by spending the least amount of money on shopping.

You can: because we have already become PhDs in online shopping

Just do not say that you did not know that there are outlets on the web where Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses stand as the simplest model of Ray Ban, and Agent Provocateur underwear is slightly more expensive than Intimissimi without a sale. In addition, it is on the Internet (and sometimes only in it) that many more qualitative and creative foreign and Russian brands are based, which make interesting things at reasonable prices and deliver the purchase right to the front door.

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ASOS Publication (@asos)Aug 22, 2015 at 3:36 pm PDT

You can: because accessories do all the work

Even clothes that have been hanging in your closet for a decade can easily be transformed by the participation of accessories. While someone wasted money on a designer belt with a gold buckle or on the twentieth shawl in the collection, you'd better find out ten ways to wear a belt in an original way that no one thought of before (for example, to arrange a wide belt and necklace as an accessory for an evening dress or to make a twisting of two thin colored belts), or thirty more ways how to tie a scarf on any part of the body.

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Publication by Scott Schuman (@thesartorialist)September 14, 2015 at 11:41 PDT

You can: because the mass market is our everything, and it’s time to stop being ashamed of it

The familiar H & M, Mango, Zara, Asos, and the like are capable of producing both disposable T-shirts and high-quality and completely “durable” blouses, coats and ankle boots. It remains only not to be lazy to read the composition of the fabric so that the thing does not disappoint you quickly, and also not be shy to find out the exact date of the sale in order to catch the most devastating discounts.

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Publication from H & M (@hm)Sep 9, 2015 at 2:12 am PDT

You can: because the decorations no longer need to spend 12 salaries

Gone are the days when jewelry with real stones cost a fortune. Today, we can buy a diamond ring on any day, just like that, for no reason - to set the mood, and wear without remorse!

Publication from SUNLIGHT Brilliant (@sunlightbrilliant)Mar 25 2017 at 12:57 PDT

You can: because it's fashionable - it's not only about fashion, but also about beauty

How much does it cost to repeat at home haircut from the Diane von Furstenberg show that was recently held at New York Fashion Week? And how much cherry lipstick will serve you if you use it even several times a week? Is it possible to distinguish the varnish Chanel from the more affordable counterpart on the nails? In general, you probably guessed that we are hinting that you can borrow beauty ideas almost for free, and the result is stunning. Look at Amber Heard and make sure that all the charm here is not in Johnny and not in the cost of her completely ordinary black dress.

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Publication by Amber Heard (@amberheardnews)September 14, 2015 at 6:58 am PDT

These mages and wizards bring to perfection dresses and coats that from ordinary clothes turn into your second skin, and they also help out when on sale there is found the ideal thing by a combination of price and quality thing, but now S and XS have already been dismantled.

Publication from Abi | The Crafty Pinup (@craftypinup)Aug 5 2016 at 5:32 PDT

You can: because no one has long perceived fashion as a dictatorship

See what the designers themselves are doing: they then resurrect the trousers in which your mother went to college every day, or even repeat the same thing that flashed on all the podiums a couple of years ago, then praise hippies, then rastamans, then gothic, then in general some kind of kindergarten. No one seriously and to the voice declares that only one style of skirt is in fashion, and the rest must be disposed of - on the contrary, diversity and tolerance triumph, which cost-effective fashionistas only at hand.

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