Is it possible to change your past?

Each of us was wrong, and some mistakes were fatal and changed lives. Is it possible to correct them, is it possible to change the past?

Is it possible to change the past?

Unfortunately, the time machine has not yet been invented, so it is impossible to return to the past. And yet you should not despair, because something can still be done. It all depends on your perception. In general, the events and phenomena occurring in life are something intangible and subjective.

In other words, what is happening can not be touched, for example. In addition, one situation can be regarded differently not only by different people, but also by one person in different periods of time. And this means that you can change not the past, but your attitude to it: emotions, thoughts, judgments, conclusions, and so on. And it can really help and more than once helped many.

What to do if you really want to correct the mistakes of the past?

So, how can you change your past and correct past mistakes?

  1. Live the present, think about the future. In the end, the opinion of a person does not consist of his past actions, although they, of course, can also have a certain impact.But one big and good deed can block all your mistakes. So if you are worried about having done something bad, right now start doing good. And then think about you will be completely different.
  2. Change your attitude to what happened, find the positive side. For example, if several years ago you could not go to university, and therefore did not get a good job, look at it from the other side, find all the advantages. So, think that this profession just does not suit you. Believe that all the best is ahead of you. And if you have the second half and the child, then remember that they appeared, probably, just because you didn’t start studying, but decided to arrange your personal life and enjoy it. In the end, everything that is done is for the best. And the positives can be found in everything.
  3. Think of the so-called "butterfly effect", known to all of the same film. The heroes of this bestseller were able to travel through time, but this did not lead to anything good. Changing something in the past, you will certainly change the present and even the future, and not necessarily for the better.This thought will really help to release, finally, the once-happening events for which you blame yourself.
  4. Try to go back in time and imagine that you acted differently. Remember your emotions, thoughts, condition, facial expressions, gestures, in general, everything. And when you start to remember again about the mistakes, return to the fixed state in which you would stay, doing everything differently. Such a psychological exercise will help you relax and forget all bad things.
  5. If you have ever hurt someone, just talk to that person. Tell him about your feelings, ask for forgiveness. Surely he will understand everything and forgive, and this will allow you, at last, to forget about what happened.
  6. Imagine that everything did not happen to you. Try to look at the situation from the outside, as if you were watching a movie with your participation. Perhaps what happened does not seem so serious to you. In addition, you can begin to empathize with the heroes of this virtual and fictional film and, eventually, understand them, and subsequently yourself.
  7. Humble yourself. If you believe in God or in destiny, then just think that what happened happened should have happened and did not depend on you.And even if you strongly want to change something even then, you would not be able to do it, because the higher powers control the world and lives. Yes, such thoughts of the past will not change, but they will help you to stop reproaching yourself and constantly think about your mistakes.
  8. Analyze the situation and rethink it. If you did something, ask yourself why you did it this way and not otherwise. Recall all the details of what happened and determine what influenced your decision and actions. Probably, your life experience will help you to understand that there were simply no other options, or they were simply unacceptable.
  9. You can try to refer to the hypnotist. The last session of hypnosis will not exactly change, but it will help you to plunge into the situation, relive it, understand what is worrying you, understand your thoughts and feelings. And if you shake your mind in this way, it can take things quite differently, and you will begin to treat the incident much easier.
  10. Change your life and yourself, become a different person. Surprisingly, it really works. Start with your appearance: update your wardrobe, change your hair style, hair color, style, in general, anything that can remind you of the past. Soon you will notice that you feel completely different.From external changes, go to the internal. For starters, get rid of bad habits. Then start developing new qualities in yourself, learn something new, improve your skills. Feeling yourself a different person, you completely change your life, destiny. And since life is different now with you, everything that happened before has nothing to do with you. It was in a different reality.
  11. Understand that everyone is mistaken, and you too have the right to do it. In the end, if there were no mistakes, there would be no experience, and there would be no you, that is, the kind of person you are.

It remains only to wish to forget the mistakes as soon as possible and to do everything in order not to make them anymore.

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