Is it possible to justify treason?

Is it possible to justify treason

Is it possible to justify treason?

Many people offer different theories, explaining why they changed you and what factors led to this. Some say that monogamy is not a natural state for a person, so do not be surprised when you change. But theories cannot tell us whether it is right or not, when they change us or when we change, because such judgments do not depend on explanations. Scientists may explain why it is so difficult to remain monogamous, and we will not even try to be faithful until we have a reason. And the reason, in most cases, is moral ..


Before embarking on the discussion of the morality of treason, let us agree on what exactly can be considered treason. Different people have different opinions on this matter, for someone infidelity is a sexual connection on the side, and someone just needs a kiss or a cup of coffee with another girl / guy to feel deceived.


Infidelity is what makes your boyfriend / girlfriend uncomfortable.Your boyfriend / girlfriend has the right to establish the limits of what is permitted, and you have no right to violate these limits. If you do not like the framework in which your boyfriend / girlfriend puts you, then you need to discuss it or leave, but not stay in a relationship, while you allow yourself to do something that can upset your soul mate. Nobody deserves such an attitude.


Whatever it is stipulated in the relationship, most people - including ethical professionals - agree that cheating is not right. Treason violates the promise of one person to be faithful to another (in accordance with the boundaries that they have agreed not to cross), which is an abuse of trust. Usually this entails a constant deception, since the traitor has to act secretly behind his / her girlfriend's back. As a result, we get lies and betrayal, which in itself is not good - treason injures another person, adding his personal pain to global injustice.


However, simply saying that cheating is not always good enough, especially when we begin to consider individual cases.All those moral principles, the violation of which makes treason a bad deed, in certain cases, it is allowed to violate. Lying is not good, but we can cite a number of situations where a lie can be justified, for example, in such cases, when someone’s life depends on it or you don’t want to hurt the feelings of another. You can not break promises, but in certain life situations, something more important, for example an emergency situation, may be at stake. Hurt another is always bad, but sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid. And if there are reasons why we compromise our moral principles, then there must be very good reasons for that. This is the only thing that keeps us from finding excuses for every bad deed that we commit - including treason.


What reason can justify the violation of such a moral principle as marital fidelity? This should be an even more important moral principle, which outweighs the first in the judgment of a person who has decided to betray treason. Principles that tell us not to deceive, not to break promises and not to offend others help us understand how important it is to take into account the interests and feelings of others, and it is usually considered more weighty than lowly self-interest.That is why the explanation “because I wanted it,” will never be a valid reason for a bad deed; since according to moral principles it is just a weakness!


Nevertheless, there are moral principles that can justify infidelity - this is the concept of self-preservation. It is very important to take care of and take into account the interests and feelings of others, but we must not forget that we must take care of ourselves, too, emotionally and physically. If a person is in a terrible relationship that is unable to stop due to some reasons (perhaps for financial reasons, or worrying about how this will affect children), and feels that a novel on the side can help him cope with this situation or perhaps stop outdated relationships, in this case do not rush to call the novel on the side of a bad deed. In this case, staying too faithful to your partner is too expensive - the price of which is your personal happiness.


We do not contradict ourselves when we say that infidelity is bad in general, but there are extraordinary circumstances that can justify treason.It is fine to have solid moral principles, but only if we are aware that sometimes the price may be too high. Ethics can help determine which principles are at stake, but each person must follow his own judgment to decide which is more important to him.

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