Is the social status of a man so important?

Mesalliance in the modern world is becoming more voluminous than in Pushkin's times. Then everything was relatively simple: if you are a peasant woman, you will not be a young lady. True, the only possibility, one in a million, was nevertheless, but more often it threatened the chosen one with the loss of the inheritance acquired by the parents, and his offspring was no longer blue aristocratic blood. But even today, mesalliance is still a harsh thing, which even now is categorically prohibited in many religious families, where nationality and family status play an important role in choosing a partner for a child.

Whatever one may say, mesalliance even in practice remains the most fragile and unstable union. And there are many reasons. Naturally, lovers converge on bouquets of pheromones and a pink mist, enveloping the mind, but the effect of this chemistry and physics is relatively brief. For a strong marriage, completely different components are needed. Yes, and each misalliance built has typical causes of disintegration, therefore, it’s not worth relying on “Everything will be different with us”.

Mesalliance at the level of intelligence

On passion you can grab a fuse, but when the shroud from the eye drops, you will see before you something strange without academicism, real education and with a lack of sense of humor. If your aikyu is conditionally higher, then after a while your partner's stupidity will start to oppress, and shame for his next public blunder - to grow. At this point, no muscles and a white-toothed smile will save. In fact, such a man will have to be dragged behind the ears like ballast, which is unnatural for a normal family and comfortable coexistence together.

Is the social status of a man so important?

Misalliance at family status level

If you dream that the grandmother of grandchildren was nursing, and not the "village" maimed, then your family should be suited to yours, otherwise conflicts will become inevitable. Some financially young help, and the second will beg for themselves. Some will want to relax together in a cottage on a holiday, others will say, “sho and not a bad vodka at home.” As a result, common traditions will not work out, and family holidays will not take place. In the case when the mesalliance consists of a puzzle of different types of family components - the status of the family and the general intelligence, a gap can occur not inside the young family, but outside.Most often this is a refusal to communicate or distancing from the family of one of the spouses, which pulls the ballast down. For example, a young man who always dreamed of more in life, but at the same time growing up in a family of parents leaving for a binge, will try to break this vicious circle on himself, because it is almost impossible to set the path for the true non-understanding person.

Mesalians at the income level

According to statistics, the most strong and stable pairs are those unions where a man bears more financial responsibility than his wife, or at least at the same level. But in the case when a woman earns much more money, unfortunately, she tears and tears men, if they are not gigolos in the shower and not drones on the sofa. Adequate male brain "loss" weak can not withstand, as, indeed, the business woman often begins to devalue the partner. British scientists explain this phenomenon as a change of priorities, a natural principle and a breakable male self-assessment. Simply put, women lose interest, although they admit this fact only in words, to those who retrained from the “jacket” to the “apron”, and even sometimes look for a substitute force on the side.And men, in turn, experiencing an inferiority complex, begin to behave inadequately rude and disgusting, which ultimately ruins the most seemingly strong union.

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