Japanese anime features

Japanese anime featuresIn that case, if you are interested in authentic Japanese art, then you just have to pay attention to the anime. Works in this genre are unique regardless of when they were made, whether they are classical examples or modern versions.

Animation in this genre originates in the nineteenth century. It was then that prints began to be created in this style. Today there are a huge number of works in this style. In the event that you want to dive into the ocean of anime, then you need an experienced leader and mentor. As a kind of guide to the world of anime, you can use the site http://narutoplanet.ru/, where you will find not only a large number of films in this style, but also games. The story of these games is based on the stories of famous and many favorite anime films.

This resource was named “Naruto Planet.ru” in honor of the protagonist of one of the most popular films. That was the name of a boy who lived in a warrior village. Once in this village there was a misfortune. She was attacked by a monstrous fox.Residents managed to cope with this misfortune by placing a fox in the boy's soul. Since that time, different stories have happened to him.

On the site http://narutoplanet.ru/other-anime you can find various films dedicated to this character. There is also Naruto manga and games based on this plot. In addition to the anime about Naruto, on the site you can find a directory with other anime. If you are a novice in the world of anime, then this is where you can immerse yourself in this cultural stratum. It should be noted that the anime is constantly changing and transforming, but it remains loyal to the tradition. It is very closed on itself, but its inner life does not stop for a moment.

The resource http://narutoplanet.ru/news-anime will help you not only to find and watch a variety of anime films, here you can get acquainted with the news of this world. Studying anime, you can highlight the main characteristics of this genre:

  1. The eyes of the drawn characters are incredibly large.
  2. The legs of the characters are excessively long.
  3. All clothes are bright colors.
  4. The frame change happens a little dramatically. The viewer may have the feeling that he is flipping through a comic, and not watching a cartoon film.

These films are very popular in Japan. In no other country do they so adore their animation.

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