Jennifer Lawrence said that "Mom!" Destroyed her relationship

Being a muse is a heavy burden. This lesson was learned by Jennifer Lawrence, who some time after breaking up with Darren Aronofsky told how difficult her “Moms!” Joint promotion was for her: they broke up because Darren could not adequately react to the criticism of the film and fell through with her friend, everyone evening rolling her tantrums.

In the television show Actors on Actors, where Hollywood celebrities interview each other about working in the film industry, Jennifer spoke with Adam Sandler. The conversation inevitably turned on Jen's latest project - the psychological thriller “Mom!”, Which received negative critics at the Venice Film Festival and failed miserably at the box office. As Lawrence remarked, she never had to meet with the director, in the picture of whom she starred, but she is unlikely to want to repeat a similar experience.

Publication from Jennifer Lawrence (@jenniferlawrencepx)Sep 13 2017 at 10:04 PDT

“Usually it happened like this: a new film came out with your participation, you give an interview and say:“ Hey, people, be sure to watch this movie, these are the reasons you have for it ... ”Well, you understand. This time it was completely different. We returned to the hotel after the next premiere, and the last thing I wanted was to think about “Mom!”. Darren could only think and talk about her, ”Jennifer shared. - I understand everything, this is his brainchild, he created this film with his own hands ... I tried my best to be his support and support, but at the same time I wanted to plug my ears and shout: "In the name of all that is holy, can we stop condone "Mom!" at least for a second? ""

The last grain of sand that filled Lawrence’s patience was the inadequate behavior of the director while reading negative reviews: critics called “Mom!” “Outrageous, annoying and generally not crawling into any gates” film, and it was a blow for Aronofsky. According to Jennifer, this reaction surprised her. ""Mama!" - controversial film, and not everyone will understand it the same way. It was obvious from the start. But after all, its main advantage lies precisely in its unambiguity: different points of view generate discussion, dialogue ...After watching the film, each person brought out something of his own, each of them touched some of his own strings. But I got the impression that Darren was not at all interested. All he wanted to get was laudatory reviews, and when nothing like that happened, he got terribly angry. It was a big disappointment for me, ”Lawrence concluded.

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