Justin Bieber officially announced his engagement with Haley Baldwin

Justin Bieber, the artist of Love Yourself single, officially announced plans to marry Hayley Baldwin, writing on his Instagram page a whole ode of love with elements of a message to future generations.

“My heart completely and completely belongs to you, and for me you are always in the first place! - Justin categorically began his appeal to his beloved. “You are the love of my life, Haley Baldwin, and I would like to spend it only with you.” You make me better, and we complement each other so well! I can not wait until the happiest time in my life! It's funny, because now everything has made sense to you! ”“ Most of all I was inspired by the idea that our marriage will become an example for my younger brother and sister and they will also want to build a full-fledged stable relationship, ”wrote Justin under the photo on which Hayley hugs his neck, showing off the engagement ring.

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